Visiting Boston next month & need recommendations from the Boston gentlemen on what area to stay in.regular_smile
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This will be my first visit and I would like to know what area is most convenient to you!


Will send you a PM as well, but one big tip: Unless you like traffic nightmares, stay out of the heart of the city.. Boston was a city originally designed for horses, not cars, and it shows.

north Shore. plenty of hotels/motels, great beaches and restaurants, and lots of interested guys. when are you planning to be here? Your pictures look hot!!

Or are driving and parking a hassle there as well?

Thank you so much for the feedback ~ you ladies and gentlemen are WONDERFUL!!!  :)

Around the Mass Pike Allston exit and Kendal Square are not too bad to get to, Harvard Square is murder, however.

I suggest either the Copley Square area, or one of the nicer hotels that ring Boston along route 128 (I-95).  They all have lots of parking and are easy to get to.

The airport hotels aren't bad either, and can be a bargain sometimes.

North Shore is the place to be! Lots of great hotels/motels, great beaches and restaurants, and , most importantly, lots of interested guys. awesome pictures on your site!! When are you planning to visit?

mentioning theres no in calls or girls in south shore hotel area, have no clue if this tid bit will help just seen it posted week ago by a alias, and relaying info to you,

Usually either not enough business for incall, or not the kind of business a lady would like to have.  

I don't know anything about Boston, so I have no clue in this case.  But I'm not going to pioneer a new frontier my first time out of the gate.  LOL  


See you soon Boston, and thank you all so much!!!


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