Re: haven't listened to Angel...or read about her...teeth_smile
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oh I have.

It's just something I took to PM as opposed to discussing it with her here.

Ever since I had an early GF mention it's only fair that I trim if she needs to trim ( and it was quite a logical argument, who wants a face full of pubes?) I've tried to keep it somewhat neat, however I've always done it the old fashioned way with razor/trimmer. Kinda gets rough and the stubble isn't the most comfortable feeling for myself or I expect for the ladies.

So I'm in the Salisbury area, anyone know of anyplace/anyone they would recommend for that service?

i do manscapong, waxing, is best, it grows in thinner , and u dont get that razer burn and gross ugly stubboe, i hatethat its so ugly

Uhg, I hate it. I usually manage to avoid the razor burn, but there's nothing you can do about the stubble other than go at it again or let it grow out and just keep it short.

I do hear that waxing is preferable, it's just something where I'm unsure of how to approach it. While it's somewhat common for female spas, there really aren't many for men. Self wax kits crossed my mind, but if i'm getting waxed I want the back done too and my arms don't bend that way. =P

she specializes in manscaping....and has offered to come to you. What more are you waiting for? She can take care of you, in many, many ways! Just get in line.

oh I have.

It's just something I took to PM as opposed to discussing it with her here.

and pussy, i cuta hart outnm ofn painters tapoen evrytime i wax i a usin that so hart shapoed little bushn will grow in, then i mayb bleach it n dye it pink

I actually enjoy it.  (Then I'm a bit into kinky stuff, but still, she has an excellent touch.)

Try her other spa features like the massage and the foot bath too.

She's a gal of wonderful and various talents.

her "kitty" omg...major boner!!
Take a look at that kitty and bunghole area from the rear...u will see what i mean!!

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