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omg your posts are soooo hard to read.

I'm not new to this but not a veteran. I notice that ladies can post on TER but some don't accept TER whitellist as a reference. Doesn't seem right.

but this is not one of them.

A lady has to look out for her safety these days. Just taking a whilelist OK doesn't cut it any more. The provider you want to see,  would like to be able to email or talk to another provider to make sure your the real deal and not a flake. Guys can start out great but get weird after a while and I'm sure there are a few ladies who can testify to that. Sure there are some ladies that have not problem with just a whitelist OK but they are putting themselves at risk. Most ladies won't do it and I don't blame them or have any problem with them wanting references outside of TER.

Welcome to the world after the Craigslist Killer.
Same world just a little different

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Be prepared my friend to give out some information in order to arrange a meeting these days. It's no longer just make a call and order up a gal like a pizza or chinese take out. With all the nutjobs and crazies and such no lady in her right mind is going to accept just a ter white listing. No one method of screening is perfect, however I would say that would be the least safe.

Expect to give up enough information to make her feel comfortable getting comfortable with you. While you value your privacy and may worry about being exposed she is worried about far more than that. She is worried about being raped, robbed, or killed. LE is a whole other can of worms entirely. This could be very dangerous and many times references can be old, outdated, or unreliable if you haven't given enough information.

You are only as safe as your latest partner! Trust and verify, always!

just beacause one lady gave u an ok, to them may not quite confirm you are not l.e. or serial killer or just bplain gently kind and cordial thru out a session. I oersonally love whitelist as a reference . but i am just explaining you have to consider inviting a man in being a creature of prey out here in this concrete jungle and attempoting to somewhat screen to protect ones self, all ladies have thier own system that will maybe we d hope filter out whom they know in thier heart of hearts theyl have a bad time with, not every one accepts whitelist they may really like two- not one actual personal email messages from the SAME email address as on the well reviewed providers web sites. along with message about are they cool?            just because say I gave you a white list........................we dont know if what I all0ow and think is a gentolemen to another may be some one theyd prefer not to have over.........................................alot goes into choosing whom you schedule with, especially some the ladies say top 100 national touring ones, they probly can weed threw i bet 100s applicants weekly to select whom they want. i seen one lady on national top 100, whom only had like 20 reviews over ten years . she probly has a good day job and hand selcts one a year that has the most reasuring well, resume sort of...............................
also if they are high profile, whos to say the feds arent casing them at this point on tax evasion charges and a fed can go see ONE small time gal and get a refereal , in ordcer to pinch the big time, ladyy...................who could also be runnina service on sxide so maybe shes watchn her back for certain dont know why but trust me they have a reason i am sure theres some these ladies doin some big things and you have to take into consideration from thier perspective, the feds have NOTHIONG BUT TIME. and maybe she has a profile n sees one client here or there but her main gig is runnin some multi million national serv ice. i mean i wouldnt judge cuz you really dont know what any ones involved in and thier reasoning behind wanting to be sure your not some nosy neighbor lookin to snitch on them or some jealous wife sending some one to catch you or get you in trouble , alot these ladies may have haters enemies you dont know. what situation they may be in and one white list. for me yes i d be ok with it, i am not a millionaire , i dont even have a car just a nice little apt. I am small time. Big time ladies, on other hand if you need to be realistic and consoderate toward them they are watchin there backs n you may have no idea how big time or what things tey are doin, i wouldnt doubt theres many a female gangsters out here makn some big time cash and well , the feds prob have a nice thick file on them n may even station outside thier house with camera,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no dont laughj,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,they reallyt do that to high profile people they wanna make thier lives miserable n let them know they r there.                   ...              like heidi fleiss did how many years n they def had it out to grab her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you dont know they may have property in other peeps names n be maybe just known associates , alos . if they are even an associate of a serius dude they could also have to watch it cuz good way to get at the guy is fuck with his right hand bitch...................laugh if you may but hey you dont know what may goin on in peoples lives and why they may need to watch thier backs. out here, its a concrete jungle babay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,haha!

we are all college students.......and in down time we hang out in school girl knee highs eat ice cream sundaes and study n watch lavern n shirley marathons...................that may not be the case for every one in there off time, i am sure theres some bad ass madam s with 500 thousand dolla cars . multiple cat houses in multiple cities,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all these people you see getn busted n losin everything.............{ I nknow nothing,,,,nothing about being in trouble ever by the way notn speaking for myself like at ball..............} but hey inviting an outsider in or dt........................can have some one lose everything they worked for for years,m you dont know what any of us or these thousands r into or doin, I hear about busts ALL the time on here of cat houses salons ect. I am not sayin that always the case n every ones runnin these gigantic scandals and huge operations for the mob or anythin of this nature,,,,,,,i am just sayin, think about it , for like a few kins, and who your dealin with, your dealin with in some caees ladies chargin a g note an hour,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,imagine the seriuosness and the dt s they got foll0win them or any number these ladies you dont know who they hang with in real life either and what they do or why they need to make sure you just didnt grab a quick reference to get in and cause them some major major head aches andd drama,                          just one angry jealous wife who found out bout you,,,,,,,could def have a total hell bent wish to get you pinched,,,,or maimed or mutilated..................i mean hello dude! this isnt a safe job,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we create enemies dotncare how safe u are it hapopens wives cracj into guys emails hunt women down and cause major shit for them, just go over in your head maybe like three possible scenerios,,,,,,,,now youl understand the gals watchn thier ass a tad....................................
have you ever known any one thatf did somethin fucked upo to simeone and got killed? a girl i grew up with got murdered and it was written down as a suicide in news papers...........................................................then rumors were sayin she got dragged on her face down stairs and it was made to look like a suicide by other things i wont get into specifics here. but um hello. this is dangerous job, and if any one these gals has a oissed off wife floatn around that knows of her,,,,,,and worse maybe her father and alot are actual cops that could have things covered up if the lady decides one day she wants the girl dead......i am not bein paranoid, .........these are real things that are possibilities and you should take into consideration what we are openin ourselves uo too every time we invite a new client thru the door...........................
remeber the swedish nanny that had her torsoe found in dumpster? i lived next street over from her when that hapoend, I was 15, guys love to murder prostitutes too, its always a fcat they r easy prey for serial killers.

some one is careful not get killed or busted or just invite a careless foolish associate inton thier personal space, that can also be a motive, . a foolish associate is more dangerous than a clever oponent and we all know if there ver weere a steak out,,,,,,,,they question and scare the clients leaving the hotel or spot, n get bthem to crack,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,by sayn things like "we ll place your name in paper if ya dont tell us what ya were doin in there........' then the pussy talks n the chic gets busted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have heard first hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a guy who broke n told on the chic,                     then heard anutha story of one n thats how she ended up in jail, they questions guys with obviously no street smarts who arent aware ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that you dont EVER have to talkto the police.....................................u can request to speak to your lawyer but hey some people think the police r your friends, thats totally fine, i wouldnt want one a these guys comn ova that thinks or overlooks the possibilities we could be encountering, i have heardx many stories of wives contacting the escorts.................findin info-
I myself in04 got emails in red writing from a guys wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,,got harrassed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
sayin i found your email who r u,,,,,,,,,,,,then at same time had breathing on phone calls, as well as calls of some one saying they will shiove things in my eye sockets and basically threats to mutilate the fuck out me,,,,,,,,,,,,i then stopped escorting, for while to be honest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was guys wife sendn over n over emails in RED font,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i was like 22 it scared the bejesus out me i started takn ju jitsu!

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omg your posts are soooo hard to read.

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