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I saw that lady in the picture (Boston Herald article) in various ads. I almost made an appointment with her too... This is unreal man...

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3 charged in prostitution ring

Section 8 scheme alleged

Three Boston men accused as the masterminds behind what police called a lucrative Charlestown drug and prostitution ring used Section 8 housing as the headquarters for their drug den and after-hours sex-for-a-fee parties, according to reports.

Officers believe-----------, used the two-story house on the Somerville border as a base for drug deals and prostitution, according to police reports. Boston’s Human Trafficking Unit seized computers from the home and police said an investigation into possible sexual exploitation is ongoing.

A Boston police SWAT team stormed the Cambridge Street house about 5 a.m. Thursday with a “no knock” search warrant and detectives said they found 14 people inside, including some in various stages of undress, three Centerfold strip club workers and a woman cops believed to be linked to an adult escort service ad.

Officers also found a “Charlestown Madness” after-hours party flier in a second-floor bathroom, according to reports. The flier promised “enough girls to go around” in street slang and advertised a $5 cover charge, according to reports.

Police seized from Berdet suspected prostitution business cards touting, “Where woman will treat you like a king ... and royal touch escorts.”

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I know nothing about this, nor are any of our girls from Sommerville. Where did you find this?

Xoxo Kat oxoX

I found it but you cant post links to articles with peoples real names, so just google royal touch arrest.

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It's in today's Boston Herald Kat.

Of course there is something to be gained.  I don't believe a word of it.  I obtain my information from unbiased independent sources.

There is no warfare between Kat and I. You are just trying to cause Drama where there is none.

She couldnt find the article, (since the service name was mentioned in the article, I suspected she wanted to know about it. Oh and also she did ask in her post where she could find it.) I did not post a link to it and I did not copy the text here. I just told her how she could find it. End of story. Stop always trying to cause Drama.


You actively support *all services and independents in Boston & New England (local and touring)*
behind the scenes with more *genuine* empathy and concern than ANYONE could ever possibly know.

Best wishes to Kat currently.

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I've never had any issues with Jill. In fact she also sent me a PM offering some advice.

Posted By: Charlie101
Of course there is something to be gained.  I don't believe a word of it.  I obtain my information from unbiased independent sources.

HUH? Fella you may not like RS for some reason and that's fine, but don't just come in and start spouting off nonsense. She's an active and constructive member of this community and has been for years. If she was that petty she wouldn't still be here.

No other agency owner or employee of an agency ever or hardly ever comments publicly about what is going on negatively with another agency.  I find it unprofessional.  That's all.

Jill doesn't post negative thoughts about other agencies. Except to point out the obvious scam places and B&S outfits, in which case she's absolutely right to say so.

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I found it now. I have no idea who the guy is pictured in the article, but the girl in the background is one of mine.  She was also working independently as well. Near as I can tell, she somehow got caught up in this raid, and must have had some of my business cards on her. That's the only thing that makes any sense to me. I'm still trying to find out details about this.

Unfortunately, this is going to attract some unwanted attention. As a result, I'm going to be making some changes. First of which is that we will not be accepting any new clients until further notice. More changes will be forthcoming in the very near future.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience these changes may cause, but it is unavoidable.

Xoxo Kat oxoX whatever you need to do and make whatever changes you need to do to remain safe.  Obviously you can't (unfortunately) control what some of these girls do independent of working with you. I guess it goes along with the territory of having younger and less mature ladies. You don't need to apologize for any changes you need to make as most of us realize that the safety of you and the rest of the ladies ursurps any inconveniences to us. We have lost too many reputable ladies recently to a myriad of issues and we don't want to lse another one. Hopefully see you back soon.

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Hi Kat, I have not used your agency but have considered it several times as I am somewhat new to the hobby.  If someone like her was moonlighting so to speak, you may want to post her escort name, as some of your clients may have in fact used her, and if PCs were taken they may want to know.... not sure if that is appropriate, but something to consider....

Front page right now on a regional paper not named the Globe.

I saw that lady in the picture (Boston Herald article) in various ads. I almost made an appointment with her too... This is unreal man...

and everywhere, they just arent always in papers,,,,,Its easy to obtain a no knock warran t they just need to have had two complaints filed on a place , , wether they were noise complaint or traffic, thats all it takes, then of course takes few months to get warrant =goin thru, .  I even know of raids theyve done and NOT found anything just to mess with people they basically dont want in that town whom they feel are causin trouble.   I had a house I rented in fla raided on no knock 11 years ago...............we were 19, we had constant loud parties..... no escorts nothing crazy really goin on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,problem is it appeared we had alot goin on with the traffic, all it took was two complaints and we got our front and back doors kicked in, guns drawn,,,,,screamin every body on the floor,,,,!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,and then they demolish your property and trash your home, kickin in ceiling panels dumping ashtrays over, to search for any form of eveidence that could be used against you...............then all the dirty rubber gloves theyl leave all over the floor after they strip search each  every person in the house,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes its not fun,,,,,,,,,,,,,and no knocks are no joke they can get them if you manage to have more than one offical complaint filed................scary shit,  which was exactly my point when the guy was wondering why some ladies are a tad cautious with reference checking, and not accepoting just one whitelist as a green light.. its a JUNGLE out here,,,,,,for real. guess people take things for granted til something unfortunete and maybe unfair happens to them , then they learn to be careful...........and lay very very low, even if means making alot less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   what a hummer for them and how crappy, too bad they dont design designated areas where we d be alolowed to be loud and be hookers,,,,,,,,,,,hmm that be nice, oh wait thats vegas?

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