A total half ass, cop out of an answer, just as I expected. EOM
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It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they are one in the same.

But what is funny, Boston Escorts Girls have a lady named Brittany on their site:

But RoomService has the same lady listed on their site:

Is another case of 1 lady working for 2 services, or something else.

Then Flirt Escort have Tyra Star on their site but on Boston Escort Girls she is Carmen.
Alyssa on Flirt Escorts is Adrianna on Boston Escort Girls.
Why the name change,

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm

Brittany is NOT in town touring with Flirt/Boston escort girls or their other service Glamour girl escorts.
Right now she is in Chicago touring with Gina's GFE's. Then she is taking a few days off, then coming to Boston and touring with me.

She did fill put their employment application but told them she decided to tour with me instead.
They put her pictures up anyway. She has asked them twice to take them down, but they have yet to do it.

I guess when guys call Flirt and ask for her they either say she is all booked for the day, send them to someone else and say it is Brittany. Either way, that is very deceptive.


Flirt Escorts and Boston Girl Escorts ARE affiliated at this time, but not the same agency. Glamour Girl Escorts is NOT related to either Flirt or Boston Girls, now, nor has it ever been in any manner whatsoever. We have in the past employed the same girls at coincidentally the same time but that is the ONLY "association."  If you look closer, The Ladies on Boston Girl are not all on the Flirt site. The ladies at Boston Girl are all only exclusive GFE providers and the rates are very differentiated. As far as Brittany goes, she  WAS scheduled to begin touring in Boston with us up until just THIS MORNING, which, as you can see from the attached email from her, that she "coincidentally" just changed her mind. ... , and we are now just finding out from Jill here in this forum on TER that Brittany, allegedly, will be touring with that agency. Quite suspicious.  As for Jill, who in my opinion, up UNTIL THIS POINT, had a good reputation as being a professional provider, I am perplexed as to why she would attempt to slander this agency's name in such a manner publicly, instead of simply giving us a professional courtesy call to inquire about the confusion. That being said, I'd like to finalize this matter by stating that neither Flirt Escorts nor Boston Girl Escorts have ever "sent someone else and say it was" another girl. That is not something that anyone here, or any client ever serviced by either of these agencies could ever attest to. WE are a professional agency and we do not subscribe to this type of slander or behavior. That all being said, we hope this ends this most unfortunate situation that is not conducive to any of us.

I regret, that we were not able to attach her email because of TER privacy guidelines. Long story short, it looks like if Brittany did call RSG, she told them she had contacted us and actually didn't til today.  And we in turn, had no knowledge of her changing plans until LC's post. I believe Brittany is a nice girl just finishing up school, GFE and very well reviewed and really did not think of all the commotion this would cause by not communicating effectively. Consequently, her pictures have been removed as she requested in her one and only email to us today and can be found on RSG's site.

Thanks, Jesse.

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I am truly sorry if I jumped to the wrong conclusions.
I was just going by what Brittany told me, but as we all know, sometimes these girls do not always tell the truth.

I should have known better than to judge you. I wouldn't like it done to me and I shouldn't have done it to you.


Jill, you are awesome! I thank you so much for saying this, when you truly didn't have to! (most people aren't this gracious)And yes, agreed , these girls are not always forthcoming with their intentions.

Thanks again, Jesse.

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Not to mention Flirt Escorts putting up pictures of webcam girls who are NOT escorts.  You couldn't pay me to use their service.

As someone who does some work in Internet marketing, it looks to me like the owners of Flirt opened up Boston Girl Escorts strictly for search engine reasons. Flirt has always advertised themselves as Boston's number one escort service since 1982, even though they have only been around a couple years. What probably happened is that they didn't get the business they wanted simply from Flirt. They never had a Ter presence, so to get consistent business, you need to be ranked high on the search engines. Flirt did not rank well so they opened Boston Girl Escorts; notice that the business title contains the main keywords "Boston Escorts". Also notice that the website homepage contains many references to Boston's sports and restaurant scene. This is a common black hat tactic designed to make a website appear relevant, and thus rank highly on search engines. The Boston Girl Escorts website looks exactly like a site that was created solely for search engine optimization reasons, and I believe they both have the same girls available and the same owner. I think saying they are affiliated is bullcrap.

Ok a "Flirt" history lesson- I have been in business as an agency or agencies for over 22 years, before TER. before any online internet ,websites. Back when it was all yellow pages, I maintained 3 different agencies in the Boston book. I think we were one of the very few who offered full service back then. We're talking back in the days of Lindsey's All American Girls and All Occassions Escorts. It was very different back then, there was no exclusivity for girls. Not all but a lot of girls worked for more than one agency at a time. Also, agencies often had more than one name, phone number etc. I have always had the reputation of being straightforward and honest with my clients, but there is such a thing as "too much information". However, I will say this, There are a lot of reasons why someone might be affiliated with another business and not share ownership in the case of expansion. Flirt Escorts has more than one owner and Boston Girl only has one owner. So there is a common denominator. In any event, I still believe "affiliation" is the correct term. There is truth to the prior post re search engines etc. Absolutely, there is no coincidence that keywords are "Boston Escorts" I don't see the problem there...........

I don't know about all the affiliation stuff but I do know that you stated in your post that you've been in the business over 22 years. Your ads for Flirt clearly state that they have been Boston's number one escort service since 1982. Sure, you have been in the business for a bit, but Flirt is fairly new, correct? I used to own a popular restaurant; if I opened a new one, it would be a different restaurant, and I wouldn't say it was open since my first one started. What you are saying is obviously not true. If that is blatantly false, is it not fair for potential clients to question everything about your business? I mean, that's a pretty big falsehood.

Your comments and questions are seeking far more information than any  intelligent service owner would ever publicly post in an open forum such as this. My reputation in the business stands for itself. I can assure you that if I so chose to inform you of my previous service name from "back in the day", you would without doubt be apologizing and becoming a loyal regular client based on my solid reputation. That being said, ... if you give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk..... I look forward to your call to book your appointment.

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Who cares what you did back in the day? Flirt escorts has been around a couple years. How do you justify advertising "Flirt Escorts" as Boston's number one escort service since 1982?

Because McFly, I'm still the same person that I was in 1982, AND, I still have many, many, many of those same regular clients ..... again, I will not reveal information here that would only serve to jeopardize the safety and integrity of myself or my business, and you, as a hobbyist should know better. I trust this resolves this issue, but if you have any further comments or concerns, I welcome your personal phone call.

I have gotten a lot of Pm's and calls regarding this matter and want to take a moment to thank everybody for your kindness and posotive feedback. I'm grateful for those of you, who don't always believe what you read. Your support means a lot!

Thanks, Jesse :)

OK after reading all the replies it leave more question then answers to my original post.

Your Quotes:
"We have in the past employed the same girls at coincidentally the same time but that is the ONLY "association."
"Flirt Escorts has more than one owner and Boston Girl only has one owner. "

So what your saying is that you have ladies come into town and let 2 different agencies do their booking for them (3 of you count the girls that are on Glamour Girls site and on the other 2 sites).  So you have up to 3 different agencies try to make money off the same girls at the same time and all 3 different owner of these agencies are happy with this. I find this very hard to believe, no matter how you try to explain it.  The only way this works is if, there is one owner for all three sites.

Oh by the way nice name change on Boston Escort girls, she was  Alyssa yesterday on the site, now she is Adrianna on the site.

So why the quick name change, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I think I've said my peace but only because it's you, Lamont I will address your concerns.....You pointed out that Alyssa was on one site and listed as Adrianna on the other. Alyssa is wanting to change her name to Adrianna (her choice) However, her reviews are all under Alyssa and all her clients at Flirt know her as Alyssa so that is why we kept her as such. There is no switch and Bait here, as she gets reviews under her new name, Alyssa would be Adrianna. It seemed like this was a problem or so you indicated so to avoid any further confusion she is now Adrianna on both sites.I'm sorry that you're having such a difficult time believing that a girl would WANT to work for more than one agency.For instance, look at how many independents who state they are independents and also work for agencies. Ana Vixen and Sydney Rose to name a few. In my experience, it is the agencies that would benefit from the exclusivity of the provider.Look at Temporarily yours and Blue Moon....Blue Moon came after because of the ownership breakup from Tempu....but they had the same girls.As far as the name change, I know you do your homework so you must know that girls do this all the time. For example, Anabelle who started out with BI then became Ana with Flirt and then became Kaylee with RSG.
On another note, attached is a pic of Marina, who is new to Boston but guess what? She appears on both Flirt and Boston Girl's site. Just letting you know in advance so there is no big thread on that!lol!

Have a great day!

This kind of thing used to be a lot more common in the pre-internet days. I once new a girl who was working for All Occasions, Boston Bunnies, Temporarily Yours, and Newbury, all at the same time. These days they're just mostly "independent" as well as working for an agency.

Flirt still provides excellent service.  Always has since I started with them last year.

The confusion with associated businesses and associated girls is still there.  Always will be.  Don't try to figure it out.  Don't as for TOO MUCH information.  Just enjoy your hour with each girl.  That's how I play it.

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