Re: Christian louboutin makes the hottest one! Gotta love CL girls!!!
lungman 10 Reviews 802 reads

those are cool.
ya know what i like, is that whole matrix look, like in the movie.
alot of cool looking black leather clothing, way cool.

Cant find many providers who wears these.

Ladies, post a pic of you in them if you have them and let us know when you are coming to the area.


Not sure if they were Loubies but they were hot.  Her idea, not mine, but I liked it!

How are these?   (can't see the heels in this angle but they're pushing 5 inches).   :)

Is Kim the Tattooed Asian.  She wore them the first time I saw her and they looked amazing on her.  To be honest I'm not even a huge fan of the look but if you like them you definitely need to keep an eye on the boards for her next visit to Boston.  She is based in New York and comes here a few times a year.

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