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But why the 40+ age limit!!! I would hit you up right now if you did not mind my age.

We love to play in the right gear. Do you like?

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Here's a pic of one of my girls showing off her new heels. I really wish they were my size.

xoxo Kat oxox

new calvin klein spring collection. store owner in downttown said i got one a the last pairs they almost sold out them already.! i love them, they are a tually ridiculously comfortable n easy to walk in too cuz a the platform........................................................its weird but after gettn turned on to bloomingdales, n checkn the stuff there, 120 for shoes is actually seeming cheap now to me, after checkin the suhweet yves st laurent shoes one kind ai want for sure at one point are the christian loubitins, that ice loves coco has a zillion pairs of, she dresses amazing, love that girls style.  n stuff on bloomingdales. def something to save for , for now these 120 calvins are a ok w me, but yeah i am scopin out the seriously high end high roller shoes too for the future.   its crazy shoes acan be gettn up to price of decent car................five grand, i seen some shoes at,

Sorry, but with a face and hot ass like yours, it is VERY hard to look at the shoes!!

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