Re: The proof is in the pudding.
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Geisha you get more than a post going.

Apparently, you scared them off with your photos!  They just can't compete on your level!!

Amsterdam is hot and has a look BUT there are a few ladies that have posted pics on here that will fog up your computer screen.

That is very true sugar!!! I am just waiting for these hotties to join in :) I love me some eye candy!!

Never too late for you sexxy mamma!! :)  Meowwww

Hi Miss! I have always loved your pictures!

CJ :)

Awww your making me blush :)  Thank you!

You rock my world hott mamma :)  



You dont look skeered.....  Hot but not skeered

Yes, Amsterdam is extremely hot but I'm not frightened of her.  She is too sweet to be frightening although maybe a little intimidating because her photos are so awesome! ;-)

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You dont look skeered.....  Hot but not skeered

Girl you are the bomb!!! Lets get this Tuesday thread going hott & heavy hott mamma :) You are smokin' hott; You know exactly how to make my kitty purrr :)

I am all for getting this post going!  It's nice to have a fun place to play and you are an awesome hostess!!

Geisha you get more than a post going.

Hostess??? Amsterdam?
Hope u all don't mind me stopping by?
I have family in Colo(mom and sis), i guess i kinda belong


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