Or well-reviewed with one review lol....good stuff. -e-
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Here I am at work desperately trying to find a provider for tonight, and oh the hours I gave wasted researching every ad tediously on my phone for reviews, only to find that virtually NONE has ANY presence on

And the few that do are usually poor. Who are all these people? Are they all fake ads? How can none of them have reviews?

I'll say this though, as an ad board it seems to get updated by the minute, which I can't say for other sites. And which is why I keep refreshing it. :/

A lot of girls on there do have reviews but they are really bad, so they just change their name so guys think they are new.

The chances of finding someone on BP that is reputable, looks like the pictures, is GFE and doesnt upsell and has great reviews is very,very slim.

BP is the new Craigs list. It is like finding a needle in a haystack. Good luck.

You should try any of the independents visiting and local or one of the reputable services. I know after dark and Boston international are open at night.


So it seems, I'll try something for tomorrow and look into this agency you recommended. Thanks!

....and they might have some on another number/ID.  

Them having no prescence on here might not be a bad thing though (as in meaning they are fakes or robs) but having it wouldn't hurt....they could be reviewed elsewhere.

They had a huge investigation of it on Nightline and now several celebrity musicians are joining in on the cause to shut it down. Apparently there have been a number of cases of underage women being exploited on there. My guess, and maybe I am naive, is that most of the users on here are looking for women who are at least of legal age. I think that they were capitalizing on Craigslist exit of this line of advertising after the pressure following the Craigs List killer case... and now people are realizing that it is the same service with a different name and someone else profiting from it.  I think it's days are numbered.

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RIP OFF staus on TER a 3/4 or below ...they are the ones who hope that the guys wont look or are to cheap to have VIP membership here on TER.

Yes there are a few diamonds in the rough on BP, but they are few and far between, very few and very far.
Many on CITYVIBE are the same too, but not all, at least Cityvibe will link their reviews to their number for you.

Always GOOGLE the number and see what you find and how many different girls use it, this is not a guarantee, as previously posted "many change their numbers like their underwear" LOL.
SO TRUE !!!!!
Easy solution to this....join TER and get VIP membership, will pay for itself many times over, only takes one bad $$ date. YOU LOSE !!!

Hi I can name alot of Independent girls on with tons of reviews good and bad cause u know not everyone see eye to eye but its about the fun of just getting laid. The best thing to do is google the number and anyone whos a good girl will have there reviews in the top ten search result. It is very simple and all my clients from bp,com i show them how to do thier homework so they are safe and happy no bait and switch.Thanks happy Humping

I have used BP almost exclusively for the last year and have met some great women, including one who is easily my atf.  Google the phone numbers and you should be able to make a good judgement

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