curious..How do u get providers to allow this........
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I have never asked and never got it.

Is this common?  I can get 3 out of 4 reputable providers to allow me to partake in this activity.  And no, I offer no additional incentives.   I wonder, is it me or is this more common than i think.

Very hard to control yourself when you have all the testosterone going.  And a nice wet pussy feels unreal bareback.  I managed to take a step back and say, "hey wait a minute".  I am glad I can control myself.  Luckily I am not put to the test often because very few providers do bareback.

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if shes doing it with you, shes doing it with everyone. you just had sex with her and who ever she had sex with recently basically.

its gross.
you are both walking petrie dishes.

Posted By: whatisitaboutme
Is this common?  I can get 3 out of 4 reputable providers to allow me to partake in this activity.  And no, I offer no additional incentives.   I wonder, is it me or is this more common than i think.

i have had it offered a few times.  I stupidly did it once many years ago, but not since.  Worse it was bare greek.  Like I said this was many years ago and I have been tested all clean several times since then

It was a stripper in Providence a year ago. One of the other strippers told me that an oil guy got BB Greek from her. She was really hot but I wouldn't go near her after I heard that. In her case she turned out to be a heroin addict too... so I think that if someone is doing that it might be a sign that they are into something like that on top of everything else and your risk is probably extremely high.

I know that it is risky and I guess it is more prevalent than I thought based on some replies.  I am not saying that i do this either.  These girls are reputable with good reviews and none of them ever posted on back page.  I do know that everything is available for a price though, however, that is not the case.  The other caveat is that I have gone on dates with most of them that was not "paid for their time."  I have since seen another girl from an agency and again I had the option.  It is too bad I can not get responses from providers if they allow it but i understand why...

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.... but after an hour or so of a complete oral fest by each party in the party on one another ... wouldn't one have already contracted whatever???
Seriously, except for fear of a pregnancy - what's the difference of how you catch whatever there might be to catch - be it through your tongue, your dick, or your pussy?
I'd love to be enlightened and am open to all opinions and all interested partners as well.

SoBeJoe, yeah, ya really are missing something. Spend five minutes on Google and you'll see that the odds of catching something from BBFS are a lot greater than the odds of catching something from BBBJ.  Also, there are simply more STD's you can catch from BBFS (trichomoniasis, to name just one) that it's impossible or very very difficult to catch from unprotected oral.  And the STD's you can catch from both BBBJ and BBFS, well, it's a quirk of statistics that you can "stay lucky" doing BBBJ for a lot longer than you can "stay lucky" doing BBFS, even if the relative odds of the two aren't that different (and they are, by the way).  Plus, you have to factor in the fact that the ladies who offer BBFS are usually (not always, but, in my opinion, usually) let's just say less picky, higher volume, than the providers who insist on a rubber during FS.  Just because it's possible to get an STD through both activities, doesn't mean that the short-term risk and the long-term risks are equal.  If you play the Numbers lottery game five times a week, you'll probably hit the numbers within a few years; you'd have to live hundreds of thousands of years to win MegaMillions if you were able to play that lottery game five times a week.

I had one local provider (who posts here) who appeared to have no problem with it.  The action was progressing nicely and she put a hand on me and offered me to come in, and there was no rubber anywhere near us.  I didn't want to stop the proceedings by asking questions, so I just opted for oral.

Another time, a well-reviewed traveler from Florida put a condom on me, and I busted through the end of it (not a boast, I swear).   She just kind of shrugged and pulled me towards her.   Again, I went for oral.

And I am so incredibly relieved.   If either had been more insistent....yikes.

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