Hope all the ladies are safe after the power outage.
bosfriend 36 Reviews 1075 reads

Thoughts are with you.  Hope you have not been inconvienenced too badly.

And if you need a sofa bed...

Thank you so much for thinking of us naughty girls :)  Because we are thinking of you too!! So, I guess it's time to break myself off with naughty thoughts of you!! Hitachi here I come!


But a beautiful and engaging woman such as you should never have to resort to an appliance for pleasure.  (Unless it's you choice, of course.)

Sounds like you had a great visit.  Maybe we can make it an even better one next time!

I was thinking the exact same thing when i heard about the evacuation.

I must have been in some time warp, what are you talking about? I need details! ........ Please.

luckily i am north of the bean. so. didnt affect me. I hope every one isok as well...............xo

If you had lost power, I could think of worse tortures than being locked with you in that beautiful apartment of yours with no way to escape down the elevator...  

What would we do with ourselves???

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