Yes, indeed she does. But they don't look like 31Bs to me...teeth_smile
Drumsticks 81 Reviews 1003 reads

...more like 32 or 33 Cs?

Just saw this hottie post.  Ad seems to good to be true, but no pic hits.  Any info would be appreciated.

BunnyPhallus1373 reads

she has great tits

If you Google the phone # it comes up with some ads for a Dallas Agency looking for new girls.

As for the photos:
* http://tinyurl.com/bppzkya
* http://tinyurl.com/c4mcxbh
* http://tinyurl.com/c8qdqfa

Most photos lead to ads for Caitlyn and a few phone sex websites
Now the last 3 with * in front of them lead to website for  British Beauties, were you will find
all the photos in the ad there.

The lady in question.

Take one for the team and report back to us! Lol. Kidding but she is a hottie and if i see reputable reviews I will be sure to call her immediately!

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