I wouldn't be concerned....
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Sometimes ladies are able to check out gentlemen on their own; and sometimes they just operate on intuition.

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Finally get a chance to see a lady I have been wanting to see for some time.  I have been e-mailing her for a couple of weeks and finally finalized a meeting.  However, she didn't ask for any of my information.  I thought I fealt good about her because she has over 100 reviews (on the way to 200).  Should I cancel because of this red flag?  She is on of the most popular ladies in Minnesota and I am not going to use her name because I don't want any negative comments about her.  However, I need some feedback because I am confused about this situation.

However she does it, she is clearly good at figuring out who is legit.  If you are still that uncomfortable with the situation then it is OK to cancel but you should do that as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute.

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...and, presumably, the reviews are good--she will know what she's doing.  I say go for it.

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This provider is also on record that "aliases are ok for screening" which means she doesn't delve into her clients background as much as other providers do.

FYI - You would be surprised at the number of providers who do not screen, it doesn't surprise me anymore.

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Not to be mean but after 100 reviews you should have faith in her, assuming your name is faith.

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If it would make you feel more comfortable if you shared your personal information with a stranger, why not just email it to the Police Department?

Sometimes ladies are able to check out gentlemen on their own; and sometimes they just operate on intuition.

it's probably not a problem.  It is hard to understand how she verified you without you
having any reviews it appears.  Would seem like she at least would have asked
for a reference or two from you.  If you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason
just cancel....but definitely give her some notice...

There are cases when I was able to do all the screening I need just based on email address or phone number.

I actually told some of my patrons to stop using certain email addresses for hobby purpose.


Having your ter handle or p411 gives a lot of info, and possibly the info you have given her was enough to find other info. Google is a powerful tool. :)

I'd say with a history like that your probably a-ok  but im wondering if your more concerned as to what kind of provider she is if she isnt screening?

Lots of providers, even the seasoned ones, do not do background or reference checks.  They are simply cautious with what and how they communicate with you.  As long as you never discuss money or the specifics about services you really don't have much to worry about.  Without knowing anything about who you are referring to, I am guessing she may be the type where no donation is ever discussed or presented when you meet and its simply left on a nightstand in an envelope when you leave.  

Even prior to having review history, white lists, and P411 membership, at least 90% of the providers I have seen, many with pages of reviews, did not require references or work info.  

Good luck.  I can't wait to see your first review.

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