Beautiful day for boating...how's your Johnson?teeth_smile

Ahhhh, Minnesota in the summer and this Little Big Town song is the best; they performed this at the CMT Awards this week  how perfect for us here in MN...  Even if you are not a country fan, the video is hot, ummm cool, ok great!   I think we need to do a meet and greet out on a big pontoon boat..Lake Mntka anyone??

...and realized what a cool tune it is. It's destined to become one of those classic, timeless Songs of Summer.
I like your idea of a M&G on a Lake Minnetonka charter boat. I think I might know some Minnesota Vikings that might be interested, too!  ;)

When boating, or anytime - be sure to enjoy some watermelons.

Another great song from my current favorite genre of music- Trop Rock.

First I need to attach my Johnson to the transom, give it a few pulls to see if it works, and then go to the deepest part of the lake and drop anchor.. Want to help me Francesca????

I'm lucky she had time for a 2 hr appointment or I wouldn't have gotten that last one.

Oh My! Never saw that before, but it's perfect!  LOL
Thanks for sharing that gem!

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