The REAL Kali's last response about the fake ad...teeth_smile
wadzilla69 1 Reviews 865 reads

"...i texted her too and her reply was
"that means your hott, you should b happy baby" i was so mad!:("

I wonder who will TOFTT first with the fake ad????

She has a ton of reviews and looks like she switches phones quite a bit.  A safe route is call the phone numbers listed in review in case someone stole her pic and pulling a bait and switch.  If you meet the person at the other end of the local phone number it would likely be ok, but it is definately an unknown.

You can get from Denver to MSP in under 5 hours but it seems unlikely she would be running ads in Denver if she is about to come here.  Plus why would she keep the same number in Denver but switch to a new one here?

She was in St. Louis about a month ago and I had just gotten into town... she was running "Last day in town" ads... I spoke with her and we couldn't make it work for STL.  Asked if she ever would come to MPLS... she said probably not, so many better places to go.  I said don't knock it til you try it, and we parted ways.  

Take that for what it's worth.

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