Washington DC

Angelina DDD
berniebrunswick 14 Reviews 6836 reads

I have not seen all the local MILFs but I have seen Angelina DDD and she is out front by a pair, a very nice pair.

Hey guys...;)

2009 year just passed by and we are on 2010 season now..lol

Hope everybody had good holiday season and bucket list for new year..;)

I made my Wish list and need u guys little help..lol

As a Milfhunter....wanna hear and see whos the HOTTEST MILF in this area...;)

I will post mine later...lol

Let's have fun guys!!!!


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milkman884922 reads

There are petite red head MILFs, there are Brunette Kinky MILFs, there are Beautiful Blonde MILFs, then there is the Raven Haired American Indian that flies with the butterflies, there are the Ravens worshipping MILFs, so many MILFs so little time to love them all in my meager lifetime. So give my love to them all as they are all special.

...but I wouldn't classify that raven haired butterfly as a MILF.

I loosely define MILF as over 40.

to be sure. she is one of a kind and not really categorizable.

elska1363 reads

She is thankfully quite unique  and a delight to meet

I think I know petite red hard MILF, Brunette Kinky MILF....

BUT!!Who is Beautiful Blonde MILF and Ravens worshipping MILF???

Damg....Y not Skins worshipping MILF??? Y not Baseball freak MILF???LMAO

Sh1t...Since SOBE got knocked down...Everybody is so dam careful and we are not croud as we used to be...

Well....Thanks guys and hope Ravens win 2night..lol  I gave up on Skins this year anyway..So, Y not cheer on local badass Ravens??LMAO

My Vote is easy, it's the petite red-haired Elf who has pics in some turn-outs.
The Beautiful Blonde MILF could be (while not in DC - look north a bit) has the initals BB and they don't stand for Beautiful Blond, although that is a very apt description.
And the Ravens loving MILF is one I also know. She knows how to "Please" and can take you on a walk on the wild side!

For the complete answers, put some $$$$'s in a plain white envelope and then PM them to me!!!



I am going to predict you will be naming the same lady as me... Angelina of DC.

U got it man...lol
Angelina DDD!!!HAHA


I have not seen all the local MILFs but I have seen Angelina DDD and she is out front by a pair, a very nice pair.

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