I misinterpreted what you posted.......
belindabell See my TER Reviews 897 reads

just as mine was misinterpreted.  My apologies and no hard feelings.

She looks legit.  Has 15 reviews.  Scores average 7-8.  Check her out, post a review, and you'll have VIP.

It gives you a wealth of useful info.

Don't rely others.

VIP members should not be passing info to non-VIP's.

When i mean newb i mean im new to this and dont do it often only have seen one girl and that was 2008.  Ill probably pass on her go with someone with a better rating. However im from fargo and the girls here seem sketchy or not review well.  I might have to travel to the cities or st cloud

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And her reviews are so so. Maybe you should step it up a couple of notches, get VIP and do an adequate search.

Why does everyone always look for some sort of conspiracy?  Yes, he needs to get VIP.  But that post was his first EVER on the MN boards, and even if he did write a review 4 years ago I would still consider him a newb.

Suspicious indeed!!
1. The guy has one review on TER from 2008.
2. One board post on ANY TER board.
3.  Asking about a girl from Detroit on the MN board and he made a point to say she travels alot.  
4.  Wouldn't the MICH board be the place to post a 411 on a girl from Detroit?
5. No activity of any kind (til now) since the review in 2008.

Guys, I always look at board posting history, any gap in reviews, etc when I screen.  This guy appears suspicious, IMO.   I would suspect LE is dredging up abandoned handles or he's a pimp or lame attempt at shilling for his favorite traveling girl.

Just my .02 cents.  

Big-Bad-John707 reads

So all of your board prowling was a waste of time.

LE? Hardly. Dredged up old handles? Gee, I wonder how they got that password. I wonder why they didn't just sign up with a new user name and make a few dozen board posts to fool Ms Super Duper Sleuth.

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Have you ever heard of gals and guys getting busted and turning over all their login info on every
board they've ever been on and their email?    Gee, I have.

...You're now suspicious to me...no reviews since last August?  Seems a little fishy to me :)

And while we're at it...Him posting on the MN board about a girl who is in Fargo is no different than a NY girl posting what she did on the MN board/

It seems to me that asking the MN Board about a Provider working in Fargo and traveling is appropriate, since we know that Fargo is just accross the MN line and many times Providers traveling to Fargo have stopped in MN.   Also, if a Provider takes the time and effort to tour here, should we not be able to inquire on this Board?    

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That's not at *all* what I said Belinda (and Lina.)  Of course she is welcome to post here.  So before you accuse me of not rolling out the welcome mat - this is what I said:

>And while we're at it...Him posting on the MN board about a girl who is in Fargo is no different than a NY girl >posting what she did on the MN board

i.e. BOTH of them are welcome to post here.  All are welcome.  However you want to say it.   It doesn't matter if you're from out of state, or are asking about a touring provider or one in an adjoining state - it's all good.

Anyway, we get inquiries like that all the time.  I hardly think the circumstances of the OP warranted an assertion that he's up to something or LE.  You of course don't have to agree.

Did not mean to start trouble, just was puzzled over use of word "newbie" by board member with review going back to 2008.

If people of Minnesota are as passionate in bed as they are on boards, good times will be had by all :)



just as mine was misinterpreted.  My apologies and no hard feelings.

I don't owe any of you people any explanations.

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We all have very different personalities and quirks and should be able to post our opinions without worry of the repercussions.   Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

I never said the OP was LE, a creep, or anything else.   I said his posting here was suspicious and listed my reasoning.    I have a feeling that if you, Vorlon, would have posted the exact same thing, it would have been received in a very different manner (as has happened on a number of occasions).  

Many providers look at posting history and review history.   That's all I meant by my post.  It  was meant to educate those with a similar TER presence as the OP.  I apologize to any I offended, including the OP.   Twinsfan, I meant no harm to you.   Ultimately, no matter what your TER presence is like, as long as you have reliable references, you should never have a problem finding a provider to visit with you.

Hobby on, folks!

You are fine and people here are always like this to lurkers/strangers.

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