Happy birthday, sexy! Spank, spank! eomteeth_smile
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Hope your day is full of delights and happy times.  Have a good one Dear Lady.  Can't wait to give you your spanking.    bigdell

Have a blast on your special day!


Hi Sam,

 I wish you joy and love and lots of friends on your B day. I'll tell you in person soon

I will tie you up and spank you muah

Thank you to all of your messages here and privately.
Life brings us together in such an interesting way. Our lives have an ebb and a flow that pushes and pulls us together.
I feel very blessed and honored to know you (those I've met or corresponded with).
We are a unique group of people with like minds and I enjoy that. I love being a companion; I love engaging and bringing joy. Communication in a virtual world can be crude, but face to face most of us find intimacy, bliss or euphoria and even friendship. Thank you for enriching my world and life.

At any rate, sorry for being long winded.
Have a great weekend and better yet----Kick your summer off early and celebrate before Memorial weekend!...Start now -do not hesitate!

Soft, pink and real,
Samantha sofa king Good

Happy birthday gourgous~

We shall celebrate soon!


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