If it's a teacher...they're grading papers! No vacation yet!
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I know that I am so happy for summer to finally be here. I am not graduating yet, but I want to see who is and say congratulations! I wonder if we have any MN grads this year. :D

If you're done with class (or work, if you're a prof!) for the summer, lets hear how you're going to spend it! Vacation? Work? TER? *rolls eyes*

I know I'll be in Minneapolis and traveling... I am super excited to embrace this summer as my travel summer, and although I'll be staying in the US *mostly* Im anxious to see what opportunities lie abroad towards the fall :) I'm going to need European romance very very soon!

Couple more weeks and I'm also free! I plan to be the baddest Bianca ever...then prepare to ride into the sunset

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Three more qtrs and I'm done with school. Fun to go back and be stuck in classes with 20yr olds. =)
College was fun the first time around and now it's even more fun although I sort of wish I was in a dorm room. The trouble you can get in!

Congrats on plugging away spending time to recharge your batteries (not those).

Far as summer - no big plans yet. I'm taking two classes this summer. I want this over and done with. Otherwise I think I'll mow the lawn (literally) and probably spend time in Nordeast on the best bar with their big patio and hit on the bachelorette parties.

Just got done with finals! Can't wait to enjoy summer and work on my tan!

I will be traveling this summer over the US, Spending time at the beach and going to Las Vegas,maybe even Hawaii!

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