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I fell 'victim' to the DIY nonsense this evening. What's got me so annoyed is that the 'provider' is one I've seen in the past and this was never the case.

I didn't find out until....well - you get it.

As I know there are many here that know her, be forewarned!

Not pleased.

Ally: http://minnesota.backpage.com/BodyRubs/the-true-body-to-body-experience-real-picture-23/6774484

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Do you know if the other girls that work with her are now DIY? (Kimmie comes to mind)


Casualprep1971 reads

Can't speak to Kimmy, but at this point I'd be loathe to commit MORE time & $$$ to find out.(thank Ally for that)

I'm done there which is a shame as I really enjoyed the 'visits' - especially with Kimmy(great gal).

...kinda wrecking things from those of us out to have a good ol' fashioned time.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm1489 reads

I too have sampled her wares back in the days when.....

I wonder if it's Vegas, a scare with LE or the fact that her scheduler (you're not getting those hot little emails from her, but from a guy) also schedules for a stable of other DIY girls and she decided to just go with their flow.

i was really excited to see her ad, that she was back. will skip now. very dissappointed to hear she's taken the diy route. someone say it ain't so.

DIY should have a separate category and the performance grade should never exceed 5.

H_H_Hansen1482 reads

Thanks for the warning

Casualprep1081 reads

For me, it was no different than if someone had held me up and stolen the $$. It's a contrived, deceitful way of doing things. I'm normally one that doesn't have a problem letting things go - but DAM I'm still PO'd.

'Sorry for the rant.

That is not right if you paid expecting one service and got something completely different.
I don't see the change reflected in any of her reviews.  Hopefully you will do a review so
future hobbyists who don't read all the discussion posts will know whats going on.  Once you
know the price point and the level of service then you make the choice.

I'm guessing dozens of guys have been ripped off there.  I posted about my negative experience with Eva and Ally never bothered responding, obviously our opinions don't matter.  

To date it was the absolute WORST encounter I've had in Minnesota. They are charging TOP DOLLAR too! Make sure you write a review.

Thank you for the heads up.

I had a similar experience with Ally last year and posted a negative review as a result.  At the time I figured she was uncomfortable with me, which is her business, but I felt she should have not taken the full fee which was based on different expectations.  It was the only time I felt cheated in this hobby.

Hey casual I am sorry to hear about your experience.  Not trying to be a white night or anything but I have seen Ally for seven years and she has always generally been an honest person who provides a good service.  She and I chat at times and To be fair i dont think diy is or will be her standard.  Maybe bad chemistry or something anyway I would agree the rate could have been discounted unless she was POed or something. Cheers

lol...I'd seen her a number of times myself and never had that happen.

That's great you're her friend...it doesn't minimize the 'theft' she hit ME with. As it's apparant from others posting here, this was NOT an isolated incident.

If she intends to go the DIY route, then she really needs to be upfront about that. IMO, not doing so was intentional as she knew she'd not get the donation she did for what she provided.

Her dishonesty is disgusting and a stain on those who do not resort to disception to pad their pockets at the expense of others.

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