You can both send pm's from and to aliases.
belindabell See my TER Reviews 604 reads

There is no mail envelope by an alias name so you have to type it in but it works.  I sent you a pm.  My face is blurred in my pics.

randomlyoutspoken2002 reads

Pretty self explanatory.  I am looking for a lady who does not show her face in ads.  Providers, if you fit that description please feel free to put a comment in this thread or PM me.

All users are welcome to respond with girls they've seen who fit that criteria as well.

Thank you!

randomlyoutspoken1299 reads

I thought that with changes to TER it was possible to PM an alias.

It is possible.  You should have mail to your PM from me.

There is no mail envelope by an alias name so you have to type it in but it works.  I sent you a pm.  My face is blurred in my pics.

Kind of an odd question, fitting "Things that make you go 'Hmmmm.'"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzzGjCmABzw - Arsenio Hall (Hmmmmm Mix)

HobbyCity640 reads

It is not hard for you to do that research for yourself IMO.

randomlyoutspoken866 reads

I used an alias because if one or more people I know read this board, they may connect this request with certain information linked to my main account.

The problem with looking at ads is that I could miss many ladies who don't have ads.

HobbyCity788 reads

Start at the top of this list and work your way down checking their websites. If you are a P411 member, do the same. Then go to eros to see if you missed any.

Sorry but don't expect many to be doing any homework for you.

one should not discount ladies just because they are not on the list!   We have to have 20 reviews to make the list.  I would be number 74 or something like that IF I had a few more reviews.  Lots of newer gals get very high marks and are not on the list because of that rule about having 20 or more reviews.

That said, you are right, it is a good place to START your search.

...so if you are really interested in a lady who shows her face, then no worries.

Have fun!

randomlyoutspoken976 reads

I'm looking for a provider who can join me in public without anyone recognizing her.

73-Jake1361 reads

I'm putting together a list of girls with tattoos of cartoon characters on their asses.  Any other lame ideas?

......gather this info yourself.  It's pretty readily available with a little poking around.  Why ask us to do the work for you?

I see you have been around since August 2011, but maybe longer under a different alias handle. Whatever your reason for using an alias, it is ok. I like to have discussion without constantly advertising, so I use one myself. Welcome to the family...

If you are seeking an escort who does not show her face, no worries! Most ladies blur their faces, so seek and you shall find. However you cannot be lazy...sorry;)...you will need to do a bit of homework yourself. Lastly, I would not totally discount ladies who show their faces. Just see her in a restaurant that offers a discreet dining area.


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