It shows up as 12:46 am on the 7th. Eastern time. (eom)
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I used to think it was a 2 hour lag because posts are time and date stamped Calif. time.

But, I wrote this on 5/6 at 11:44 PM.  I think the time verification will show 5:44(or so) AM on 5/7.

WTF?  is it Netherlands time?

I PM'ed him about it, but the reply was either cryptic or confusing or both (I don't remeber). He used to moderate several boards at once, so I have no idea where he might be.

It's been that way as long as I have been on the board.  The oddest ones are when they are not off by an even number of hours but also by some number of minutes.  Hard to make any sense of that.

...that nearly every day there are several posts that are time stamped for exactly 6:00 pm? This happens whether the post was made at 4:30 in the afternoon or 8:00 at nite as examples. It happens to both moderated and unmoderated posters. During non Daylight Saving Time that same 6:00 time stamp will be a 7:00 time stamp. Maybe this is the time that the board admins go off duty and serves as a flag for them to review later?

mark.4444 you have remarkable investigative powers; I assign you the task of explaining this odd board phenomenon.  :D

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If you use the classic version, I believe the time stamp will be GMT. If you use the new version, the time stamp will be whatever time zone you select in account manager.

Does not make much of a difference for me but the post time will look messed up because not everyone uses the same website version and time zone. This will be the case until a new site is launched.

I've thought it might be routers in different parts of the world, some of which are screwy.

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