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hi new guy we are newbies. ... and with no reviews:-(

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Hi everyone, Tip here, new guy from Dallas. Actually been a lurker for quite a while but, on a friend's advice, became a member.

Especially like new girls, so always looking for that newbie who still has a pure and open heart....and I do my best to not ruin or spoil that.

Lover of all things feminine. I travel quite a bit internationally in my business so play more outside usa than in it....but plan to be here in the states for several months, both in Dallas and other places so am hoping to get some info from you 'old-timers' - and will look to give some feedback and reviews as well.

Nice to be here, gentlemen!

hi new guy we are newbies. ... and with no reviews:-(

I am a new provider visiting Dallas for a little while and offering incall while I am here.  Feel free to check out my info and if you would like to meet let me know.  xo

Thanks to Uncle Sugar for sending me to Thailand to support the troops in Vietnam a bit over 40 years ago.  Thank God the plane didn't stop any longer in Saigon than it did.

The Thai, as a people, but especially as providers, have the most pure and open hearts I have ever encountered.  I did run into a couple of negative types while mongering among the natives, so it isn't a universal thing, but certainly the vast majority of my dates were incredible.

Thai providers in the US have always been a positive experience for me.  It may help that I know a bit about the culture and the language, but if you are open and nice to them, they will repay your efforts ten-fold.  And, you folks in Dallas are in luck, because you have some incredible Thai providers in your midst.  Too bad that the search options are not more robust in this area, but if you search for asians, and scan the names, you won't have any trouble finding some who are Thai.

I have several Thai dates set up for the end of June in Dallas.  If you see any of them in the meantime based on my suggestion, be sure to tell them "Sawatdee tee rak" for me.  And be sure you don't mess up their pure and open hearts!

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