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You think too much....eom
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This post is directed at those of us who are over the age of 60 and were sexually active during the period of "free love" in the late 1960's - early 1970's  and don't clearly remember what (or who) you were doing during the period.

(If you do clearly remember what you were doing in the late 1960's - early 1970's, then you really were not part of that time period.)

Sometimes when I meet a provider who is now around 37-42 years old, I am tempted to ask

"How do you feel about role play?"

"Did you grow up with a Mom and Dad, or was your Mom a single parent?"

"Did your Mom keep in touch with your father, or was it a sort of a one-time encounter?"

"Did your Mom get pregnant at a love festival, rock concert, anti-war protest or other counter-cultural event?"

"When you meet a client who is old enough to be your father, do you ever worry that he might be your father, given what your Mom was doing when you got conceived?"

These would all be buzz kills for me.

When I'm with a new provider, my thoughts are as to whether she and I are clicking.  When a provider is very good, my only thoughts are of how happy I am luxuriating in her charms.

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her pleasure or my own then someone is not doing their job.

See ladies under 30 or over 50.  Give your paranoia or fantasy a rest.  :-D

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The chances of you having sex with an escort that you fathered in the '60s or '70s is about the same as getting abducted by extra-terrestials.

The whole point of this activity is that you don't need to worry about her childhood, her relationship with her father, or anything else for that matter.  Those things are personal and most providers would feel you're getting into areas that are none of your business. You're two consenting adults and you're both there to enjoy each other's company.

If you want to delve into someone's past, get a wife or a girlfriend.  But I see very little upside to dragging those sort of worries into a session with a provider.

I'm usually nervous meeting a new provider.  My only thoughts are usually about whether or not I have made the right choice in picking this lady, and if I'm going to have a really good time today.


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But it's just because I still feel it's a forced situation to get intimate in just a few minutes of meeting someone new.

Even though she's probably my son's age, I don't worry about those sort of things, only that I'm meeting someone and I'm always nervous in those situations until a comfort level has been achieved.

Glad to hear from someone who gets nervous, too.  Although I think the nervousness is part of the turn-on.  Seeing a new provider for the first time kinda brings up some of the same old feelings that I used to get on a bind date or a first date.  In fact, I think that's part of what I missed and wanted to recapture when I took up the hobby.  It's not JUST the sex.  There's the anticipation, and the nervousness and the mystery ...and the SEX!  But those questions aren't the ones I think about.

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But they are more along the lines of wondering what sorts of twisted things she would be comfortable with. It wasn't that way at first. It have nothing to do with paying her either. I think it has to do with sexual acceptance and an open mind that providers have. I enjoy that. I love them for that. I had no idea I might be such a deviant. It is loads of fun though.

but i have sometimes wondered if her mother and i were 'friendly'.

the closest this came to being realized was during a pillow talk conversation. a much younger lady (call her, X) indicated she was friends with a somewhat less younger lady (in this biz, call her Y) who i met socially at Y's parents place.

That last one about worrying if he might be your father was good!!!

I don't have that issue but oh my.....

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