Curious......Does it assist u w/ acquiring an erectio &/orassist you in achieving ejaculation.? eom
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Anybody know any providers that are into watersports? I would very much like to piss all over somebody's face and into their mouth.

I think that's kinda degrading and I would expect a lady to have a rather large service fee for partaking in it.

.....he doesn't need to like what you like and vice-versa.  I've encountered ladies who think getting a facial is disgusting or let a guy "face-fuck" you is degrading but I like them both.   Certain kink isn't your thing clearly but it's his.

However you're right though on a lady probably wanting a nice extra fee to be on the receiving end of a big warm GS. I personally give but I don't receive those and I couldn't be paid enough to receive.

It's not the only thing, but it's just something to mix it up--keep it interesting.

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So what you are saying is pissing in a woman's face & down her throat excites you? I call it degrading & abusive & can only find one sensible explanation that such behavior would sexually arouse a man & that would be you have no respect & harbor a resentment for women. There is no dollar amount (for me anyway) good enough to allow someone to treat a lady that way.

So long as the conduct is between fully informed, consenting adults, it's fine.  

It's not for any of us to say whether particular conduct means one thing or another.  I'm sure we all know people who would say that visiting a prostitute, or being a prostitute, is degrading, demeaning and indicative of self-loathing.  Indeed, there are those who advocate that any form of prostitution is abusive to women.    But that's simply to point out how easily it is to judge others and what a slippery slope the business of judgments is.

Who can say why someone else enjoys a particular activity?  And...does it really matter?  

Isn't the important thing that someone who gets off on this particular activity has the intelligence and self control to look for another adult, willing participant and not to foist it on someone unwilling?

Mistress Lotus.  www.mistresslotus.com  Although she is a mistress and would not receive golden showers, she has, at least in the past, had submissives available at her place.  I don't know if her submissives engage in this behavior, but it's worth sending her an email to find out.  She's a true pro, and understands fetishes well.

I am into water sports but... pissing all over my face and in my mouth, no thanks!

Someday I would like to receive this from a woman (never tried it before) but NOT in the face ot mouth .... but feeling the warmth on my chest would seem nice .... assuming proper hydration of course.
If its coming out yellow, not a chance in hell!!

of watersports that is!  I take the Dominant role.

I support fetishes...my kink is okay, your kink is okay....as long as ALL participants are consenting adults! And clearly, he was asking a question...which means he was looking for someone who is into that!  I would think he got more than a few private PMs from submissive ladies offering to do just what he asked for.

Ms. Sassy Red;););)

Isn't it odd so many ladies think its ok to give but not to receive???  Anyways I hope you find what your looking for.

Yes it is okay to be a giver not receiver...it's called knowing yourself!

I am a Dominant and in that session, I make the rules LOL
I know that I don't like to be peed on. It's not my thing or a turn on for me personally.

She advertises this fetish on her website as well as being a submissive. Unfortunately, it's been noted ad nauseum that you have about a 50/50 chance of being NCNS'd. Feeling lucky? Roll the dice.

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