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I had the privilege to meet Melissa this week. Her great reviews are well deserved. Tried several positions including two in her famous chair, two standing positions and lots of fun in bed. She's another Minnesota treasure that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know.  

Review coming soon.

It was her lips that got me. I met Poppy this week and had a great time. Young, beautiful, eager to please and be pleased. Review has been submitted.

She's an animal! And a maneater! And the word is women aren't safe either, lol. And I mean that in the most positive complimentary way possible, lol.  (Had to get an ice pack for my crotch for the drive home from her place yesterday, lol)

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Have to agree. There is not much left to say that han't been said. There are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe this wonderful woman...or how I feel about her!! The chemistry she developes with you is out of this world!!

Portia you are simply SINSATIONAL!!! Thank you!

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After my first visit I didn't think there were any tricks left up her sleeve.....wrong. She had the stripper pole set up during my second visit. My goodness she's creative. Thanks Portia.

All I can do is agree with what has been said.  I am seeing her on Sun and damn the time is going slow!

Time can just crawl when your waiting to see this amazing enchantress!

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All I can do is agree with what has been said.  I am seeing her on Sun and damn the time is going slow!

review submitted and posted...

and is awesome. BBBJ, CIM, and swallows. DFK. Very passionate and doesn't quit until the job is done. Also FS and DATY. TER ID #117854. Very attractive and sexy!

Very, very pretty and petite! She resembles Christina Applegate...yeah, that kind of pretty!


Melissa is definitely someone to treasure

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What a spectacular woman. Body of a pro athlete, beautiful, intelligent, and knows her way around a wine list.

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She's new to the biz and a top shelf provider. Looks like she's 16, skills like she's 30, ID says she's 22...had to double check. She said a trip to Minnesota may be forthcoming in late May. We can only hope.

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As marvelous as she was before she expanded her menu, she is absolutely awesome now!

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