wants video
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Im getting no younger, and I have had a fantasy of a great time that I could video for my old age. Im probobly not going to hobby much longer, but a memory would just be so hot to do, then watch. Are there any providers who like or would want to do a flick. I dont know if a third person would have to take it or just me and my hand held but I wanted to just throw it out there. It feels taboo to ask at the last minute "can I XXX" so Im just looking ahead of time.

Ginger used to advertise a DVD option so you could have a lasting memory of your event. She's based in Long Beach but tours.  I've had pretty good luck asking, usually before the event, and have built up a nice personal library. Definitely not all will allow, with good reason. I've had better luck with doubles, where one has been the camera operator. Try searching for PSE since they frequently already have face pics out in the public eye. Good luck with the quest.

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