Any info on Julianna?

The pics are hot its surprising no one has taken the plunge yet.  

Well, I called set up a time went to the area and NCNS.  Called 30 min later on my way back.  Setup a time again and NCNS.  Goodluck out there.

Too bad her pics look hot but I live way to far from Eagan so I wont be tofft

Her shape & tats look familiar. Can't be sure, but looks alot like "Lilly". I and others posted threads here on May & June '11. Was alot of NCNS. I actually met her. Like this ad, we were in Eagan. Met me at motel door in bikini. She was hot! and I remember a tat on her lower abdomen like the one in this ad. Also had a thigh tat, but I'm fuzzy on the exact details of the tats.  The hour was late for me, she could only offer a small amount of time, and after discussion couldn't come to a mutually agreeable plan. The link from May/June'11 no longer assembles the ad.

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