Obviously, those in the hobby who deal in cash only....
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.... would never schedule something with her.

Saw a lady's ad on another board:

Please note  at this time, all appointments require a 25% deposit to confirm. Cancellations require at least 48 hours notice for future credit.  If you would prefer not to present a deposit, please contact me to discuss  other options for booking.

Never heard of that before.  I wonder how much business she gets?  Anyone else seen/heard of this?

I have seen it in some ads I never bite though.  Some traveling ladies websites ask for a pre booking deposit when visiting areas.  I guess if its an agency with a highly reviewed super hot escort or a well known porn star maybe but otherwise I would avoid her.  Must be her way of avoiding no shows.

It's her way of weeding out the flakes.   I would assume if you cancelled at least 48 hrs ahead of time, you would get your deposit back.  If not, you forfeit it.

I do not call these escorts; I've heard too many stories of these deposits being received and then the guy never hears from the escort again.

but all appts?  She can't be serious.  There's way too much transaction cost, both literal and psychological, to make that one for real.

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of providers giving clients the shaft after they prepay or place a deposit that I wouldn't even do it with my ATF for an overnight.

Once a deposit is placed, a provider will never run out of excuses regarding why she has to cancel, can't make it up or can't refund your cash. Consider it a donation and gone forever.

...it's clearly working for her.  There are ways to do that even in dealing with cash (Greendot moneypak). I've seen as much as 50% deposit required....some by higher-end ladies and some by porn star providers. Many of them aren't hurting so it must be working for them and a lot of them I have not heard any horror stories about them running off with a guys money or canceling..... tho I don't doubt that with some ladies who do that it does happen.

This is likely the best way for them to guarantee they won't end up in the hole. Nothing makes you see red worse than being in the red/deficit.  If you plan to show and know your schedule when booking (tho we all know more or less life happens)  it shouldn't be a big deal tho I understand fears about putting down money up-front just to confirm.

I've never imposed a booking deposit but with the wishy-washiness as of late I won't lie i've been tempted.

...we had an arrangement, as we always planned ahead in this manner. Unfortunately, I could not make the last date of the month or reschedule it for weeks. So I refunded him for that meeting.

There are some ladies who have integrity and want to maintain their client base. They will not jeopardize long-term income over a $100 deposit. However, I would be lying if I said I believed every lady was trustworthy. So be careful out there guys.

It is nice that in the OP, she offers an alternate option if you prefer not to send a deposit. She is flexible.

For the cash only gents who really want to see a lady with a deposit, there are discreet ways to send one.

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Maybe I is a dummy but, one of my ATF's was in a tuff spot and needed money.  I thought about it and decided she was enough of a friend that if I got screwed it was no big deal.  So I gave her money enough for a session.  My next visit she offered for free, but I figured money was still tight so I paid her.  I just didn't give her a tip until I had my money back.  Worked fine for us both.  Sometimes you just gotta trust yourself and other people.

It seems you are a good judge of character because having previous experience with the lady, you knew she would not stiff you.

However you are not a loan officer. So if you prepay it should benefit you as well. For instance, if you enjoy seeing your ATF for four $1000 4hr meetings a month (=$4000), instead of paying $1000 each date you would prepay $3000 at the beginning of the month. Then not only have you helped her out of a tough spot (if she is in one), but you benefit as well by saving money. And who doesn’t like to save?!?! Win/win.:)

And I agree with your note about trust. I am grateful that my clients trust me and I trust them. Of course it helps that we have seen each other for years.

Anyway...have an amazing day everyone! Enjoy the sun, a bike ride or a jog. It feels great!

and of course a cable news station picked him up!!

I talked with that guy extensively on a long flight once. He's a good guy, but he admits giving her all that cash up front was a totally stupid move.

Now if I could just get seated next to Bill Clinton once.....

alas, my flying days are coming to an end.

...is that you never have to worry about the envelope on the actually date (this is not the case for deposits of course).

Different strokes for different folks.


...is that you never have to worry about the envelope on the actuaL date (this is not the case for deposits of course).

Different strokes for different folks.

Ok, much better! ;)

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