Dear Dallas;
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I will be a frequent flyer into the Dallas area in the coming future.  Can you share the best area of town to stay in, or is it best to jump around?  Do most girls advertise on TER only, or on other sites?  

Please, share the ways of Dallas!

With love,
Arabella of Atlanta

Hello Arabella

I would say to try different parts of the metroplex if you are planning to visit often. As far as where to advertise, the locals don't visit TER enough. There are stuck on other sites and backpage.

I would still advertise in all the normal places you are already advertising as we have a lot of travelers to the area.

best of luck to you ..


Thanks dear!  TER is currently my only advertisement.

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You may want to consider advertising on Date Check, too. That's how I, in a roundabout way, found TER. May I also suggest that maybe you don't put a lot of credibility in BP. Many men willing to pay a bit more, don't really trust BP. Ladies still get appointments from there, but many men with better character don't really go there. Some do, but not many.

Take care and play safe,

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