But then it isn't realllllly showing off.... I wanna see who has the SISU!teeth_smile
mschambers See my TER Reviews 1191 reads


We snould have a showme your
"sausage" for the Men someime!

You know, as much as I enjoy the photos that the providers post, I just don't think a show of sausages is the same thing.....

Once, as a goof, on an online dating site, I created a phony i.d. as a woman.  I was curious because as a guy, I wasn't getting any action -- or even responses -- and I wanted to know if it was as bad for the women.  Well, as a "woman" I was deluged with mail from guys, a breathtakingly huge portion of which included photos of dongs, schlongs, sausages, etc.   And I was left thinking....whoa!  guys actually think that's sexy????  

Such is the value of thought experiements....

This one girl in response to all the pics she was getting, posted something along the lines of "guys, quit sending me pictures of your cocks.  They're not attractive and unless it's about to be put inside me, I don't want to see one."  lol

My vote is for you to keep your junk in the trunk behind closed doors until there
is someone there who wants to see it. Maybe a double standard I know cuz I love
seeing the ladies' pics, but I don't need to be seeing anyone's 'sausage'.  Kinda
creeps me out even thinking about it!

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