Re: Funny thing because we had a post about a girl providing BBFS with HIV and it was removed by adm
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Yep. management/ownership is the biggest problem here.

the level or estrogen seems to have risen in the past few months since I last visited.  Granted there are more pics per capita posted on the FL board than most other boards, and I'm not complaining about that.  I just noticed that the dialog seemed a bit more feminine than masculine.  Have all the dudes flown north for the summer?

I'm pretty sure that is the answer.  Moderator was let go and now THE WHOLE WORLD DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.


Not a lot of posts by hobbyists.  As for me, I haven't thought up any subjects to bring up.  Those topics that have come up, I couldn't add an intelligent addition to.

Maybe starting a post asking what the fantasy of the day is and with who??

Me, I lurk 99% of the time.  For me, as a "discussion" board, this site is pretty useless and contains very little valuable information.  Photo threads and birthday wishes?  Thought that was what Facebook was for.  .  For this site to be of any value real information should be shared.  Rip offs with offending names stated and the names of No shows revealed without the white knights attempting to charge to the rescue all of the time.  

And the information exchange should work both ways as the ladies should name those that do not show or call after an appointment is made.  If you are crass enough to waste someones time then you should be exposed for it.

Back to lurking.

I found that to be very usefull information and yet it was removed to protect the provider.  WHY???
This should be a way for ALL of us to stay informed and safe.  But sadly this is not the case.

not up to the ter standard so I limit them.

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