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What're we going to talk about today???  Anyways...happy Tuesday to all you smokin' hot ladies!

When you cum, do you like to keep humpin' & pumpin' until you're done? Or slow to a crawl and quiver? Or like me...I like to be completely still and feel every nerve ending tingling as i throb.  Mmmmm.

After I orgasm I really like for the movement to pick up pace and actually pound harder.  I guess the juices flowing helps with that and it makes the orgasm last longer.  Lucky for me I am multi orgasmic so I can keep going like the energizer bunny.


Elle Vegas

When I am with someone I like to be completely still and enjoy the tingling.

However, when I am enjoying alone time...I like to keep pumpin' until I reach the peak and then collapse into a slow crawl and quiver.

Love this topic!

Sweet Kisses,

I tried it the other way recently...just wasn't nearly as pleasurable as being still. It felt kinda like being tickled. You know...you're smiling and laughing but it doesn't feel so good! Lol

Good, slow variety in foreplay makes the end of the game at its best " cause most  likely both player or more are all winners.

I prefer whatever got me to the climax to continue exactly as it was when it was getting me there, because I guarantee you that I will come many, many more times if you keep it up. I can also come many more times if you do anything else, but I prefer it to just keep going.

It's nice to know there are so many other multi-orgasmic women here! So here's a question for you: I have different ways of categorizing my orgasms. What I call multiples are just many separate orgasms that can all happen one after the other, but they are distinct from each other. The time in between can be anywhere from 2 seconds to several minutes, depending on what my partner is doing and how intent he is on making me orgasm. On the other hand, I have what I call "complex" orgasms, which are orgasms that happen in a chain-reaction, in speedy succession, and many times in different regions of my vagina, from the clit, inside, and all the way around to my perenium.

Do you ladies experience this as well?

Hooray for Florida ladies!! :D

You really know how to piss off us guys who, if we're lucky, have one orgasm that lasts seconds and maybe, just maybe, if the stars align and the Gods are smiling, we are able to have another one an hour or so later.   LOL!!!

Yeah, I know, there are many things about being a woman that truly suck but multiple orgasms can't be one of them . . . . .


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Yeah, I know, there are many things about being a woman that truly suck but multiple orgasms can't be one of them . . . . .
For me there is very little that sucks about being a woman! I wouldn't have it any other way. And MOs are just evidence that God is a woman, too. ;)

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...and having some big, strong hands to make sure WE don't miss anything!

mmmmmmm  Gotta love an all-over tan!



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