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while I love playing with beautiful and sexy women, I have been questioning my sexuality lately.  While I know I could never be sexually satisfied with a woman because I (and yes believe me when I say this) Really enjoy the scent, touch and feel of a man.  And of course the Member between his legs beats out any toy.  So I don't consider myself bi-sexual.  What is your take on this?
I love being with women but hell I don't EVER think I want to be in a relationship with one.  I mean look at all the drama that goes on here.  I could never live with that in my life.

I wonder, has anybody ever know of a lesbian provider?  

Just a little fun for this ugh Monday.



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there is nothing in this world like the touch, smell and the feeling I get of being in a man's strong arms.

I also have never been with another woman without a man being in the room, call me strange but I just can't bring myself to do it.

Elle, I think the way you are feeling is very normal and I can completely understand why you would question yourself.

Great topic again you beautiful creature! ;-)

Sweet Kisses,

it would be a downright waste if there weren't at the bare minimum one man there to witness it and thoroughly enjoy it!

Of course, it would take at least four men -- one per each monstrous tit (LOL) -- to fully appreciate the experience.

Elle, thanks for "waking up" the board on a quiet Monday . . . .  with a little help from Sindie!

Sounds like the three of us should get a room.

Thank you
2012 = 28

Would do it again without a man present.!!!
I've heard there are many providers who are lesbians and it works for them.
Me, I can't hide the fact I enjoy men just as much.

Your right, I could never live on Themyscira. ;) but to visit would be ok.


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I've personally witnessed (on more than one occasion) both you gorgeous things spending quiet sometime with your face planted between the legs of another woman…….my wife!!!  And as I recall, a prying device was needed to separate one's lips from the other's lips (LOL), not to mention the amount of fluid that was flying everywhere!!!

Ok, enough!!!!….I'm getting myself all worked up!

Elle, by definition, I believe you are actually bi-sexual- just not a lesbian.

Thanks for a fun post! (and all the memories).

I have never seen a woman squirt like that in my life!

Now that is what I call sweet tasting memories!!! ;-)

Sweet Kisses,

Elle glad you are having fun this Monday !
Just sayinmg from your ATFDATY , or something like that ----- Just Saying !

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Us guys could all learn a thing or two from her.  

Come think of it, many of us have!!!

... I love hot chicks....and hot guys like you....thanks, Baby!!!!

Nothing is hotter than watching Toni with another woman.  WOW>

found memories of you getting to  truly play with Nikki that one night in Vegas.  That was so much fun.  I get so aroused looking at the photos!

I love that girl, and I would love to have the two of you re-enact that photo for me in private ... right before I tear both of your clothes off and ...

Well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination, but you've already sampled me with another woman ;-)


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but after my divorce (years ago) I met a gent who had his share of 3somes.  After much consideration I was very much intrigued.  Within about a year I had a male friend of mine make my dream come true to play with my first female...YES IT WAS HOT!!!  While it was really a 4some, it was still beyond hot and sensual and opened me up to a whole new world.

Before I knew it I was introduced to the swinging world and had many encounters of all sorts. MFM, MMFF..to just name a few.

I have come to find out that alot of women say they are bi-sexual but yet it's just a cover up.  However, I truly am bi-sexual but like other's prefer a man.  Nothing gives me more joy and builds up the erotic sensations than to see my men friends get turned on by seeing me with another woman.  Is it just a show...heck NO!!! I love it..the touch of a woman is ever soo sweet, however...a man's tenderness with a long, strong and ohhh soo hard manhood..well nothing beats that..

As far as being a lesbian...no since I prefer men...but I say bring on the women.  Ok time for an orgy now..


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