I have a very important question for the ladies now...Pay attention....
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If you could have a penis for  a day what would you do with it? Would you sit home and mastutbate it?

I'll tell all you sexy ladies, I have great references and would love to sample as much as possible.   I'll make sure that I am on Viagra!!!!  

What would you do???

Having fun


Elle Vegas

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there's actually an interesting, hilarious and thought-provoking book called (yep) DICK FOR A DAY.  it's a series of short essays by women from various walks of life detailing their thoughts on exactly that subject.  a great read!

I have never thought about that until you asked this question! Lol! I would love to know how it feels when a man comes. So I'd probably masturbate first. Then I would go out and find a lady to have sex with to see how that felt. And then I would find a man to have up the arse to see how that felt. Hopefully both would have given me some oral pleasure and so I would know the difference between a man's BJ and a woman's BJ. If not, I'd go find out. Then I would probably go pee standing up somewhere, and maybe find some snow to write my name in...

Then I would want my vagina back. I love her. :)

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