Phone Calls Out Of The Blue & Last Minute Requests
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As a general rule I prefer email when arranging a meeting but do leave my phone number posted in the event that a last minute call comes through that I feel like taking. Back when agencies were still big it was expected that a girl would call into the agency to let them know she was available for the evening and then she would need to be at any given place within an hour of the agency dispatching her. How many independents still work that way? And - how many of you gals are willing to drop everything when the phone rings out of the blue and the person on the phone is able to provide reasonable verification? Do you have a different energy when you've had time to prepare for a pre-arranged meeting versus a last minute one?

As for how many indies work that way, and how many are willing to "drop everything" probably depends on the city or market they are in...and how saturated (with competition) it is.
If you're in a larger area like Atlanta or South Florida it's much easier to get something set up on short notice. In smaller markets like Orlando....the number of gals who would drop everything is about nil. If you don't set something up at LEAST a day ahead (and that's if you can get an email or phone answered)...more likely a week... you're going to be shit-out-of-luck. Smaller areas with less competition fosters more "attitude" with the local providers. Last minute cancellations, extended dates cut short, and lackluster performance are all things that are not uncommon.
If I had to guess...I'd say that if areas like that had even one reputable agency...things would change dramatically.

As far as energy...that's for the ladies to answer as only they would know.

Just sayin'

When I used the word energy I meant it in the sense of if the provider who's answering the last minute call is on the stressed side or if she's just as relaxed as if the date had been planned. It's odd but I still get nervous *every* time I'm about to meet someone new. It's like blind date jitters or something. My tummy turns and my heart races a bit.

It takes time to verify references and I don't sit by with nothing to do.
School, other business and family leave last minutes out.
A life outside of a bed is important.
Elle Vegas

I've been feeling guilty for not responding to the last minute phone calls I seem to always get through Eros Guide but I don't like re-routing my entire day or evening when the phone rings. The unexpected call throws me off balance and many times I let them roll over into Voicemail as I sit there and watch (with plenty of time to pick up). **However** every once in a while, when I don't have anything in particular planned and when a call comes in with an easy verification method (date-check, preferred 411, TER white list) I have been known to scoot out last minute. It's usually on a slow night when I have little planned like a Sunday. I met someone just a week ago under these circumstances and lucky me will be seeing him again when I tour NY next month. Sooo - the extra effort on a Sunday really paid off!!

Kisses back to you! Lo

Not only does life exist outside of the bedroom, BUT I prefer to spend my time with gentleman who truly wants to see me and are "into" my look.  Eliminating "last minute" dates also eliminates those pesky reviews that say, She wasn't my type but I needed to bust a nut."  No thanks.....I'm much more than a "Next" on a list of holes and a meeting with no chemistry is truly uncomfortable.

...or do you just publish an email address for people to contact you with?  I've thought about eliminating my phone number (it's a phantom google number) but I do get a ton of calls through the number so hesitate to shut it down. While I don't respond to *most* of them every once in a while a little bit of gold will come through the telephone lines. There are some very high powered individuals who would never think of sending an email to set up an appointment for fear of creating a traceable trail.

I want my date to have been planned and stress free. A reviewer once put my number up long ago and immediately I got all these really late phone calls. Thank GOD TER took it down immediatly after I requested it's removal.

I agree with Fallon that I'd rather have people who really want to see me make appointments. And I love the build-up and anticipation. I can't imagine screening by phone, but I know a lot do. I guess it is just what you're comfortable with. And I love nothing better than a nice, sweet email introduction. :)

With this method, I have been fortunate to attract those with whom I seem to have a lot of chemistry. May that long continue! :)

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