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There are quite a few reviews but they seem to  only be written by a handful of hobbiest.  So maybe if everyone stepped up and did their part we could all benefit! I try to review the ladies I see with fair reviews, but also want everyone here to know the good with the bad. Lets all do our part and enjoy.

I live in Maine, and I have to ask, what is up with an area like here where reviews are few and far between!!!?  Lots of ads on the various ad sites, but when it comes to recent reviews, reviews at all on this site, it's like people in or visiting Maine just don't want to post reviews.  

So I'm thinking here's my chance to ask anyone that's seeing providers in Maine, to please post reviews!!!

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just to see Maine, but I don't have any reviews yet.

...... it seemed sort of common at least in my experience most of who I got to see anyways my first and recent visit in Maine didn't post reviews but either had VIP or at least read what they could of TER (however I did get contacted by a few who happened to be reviewers lol maybe i'll meet them my next visit in July).   Didn't ask why they didn't post reviews. I don't think they are that time-consuming or hard to get posted but just maybe more up this was want to keep their experiences of the boards?

There are quite a few reviews but they seem to  only be written by a handful of hobbiest.  So maybe if everyone stepped up and did their part we could all benefit! I try to review the ladies I see with fair reviews, but also want everyone here to know the good with the bad. Lets all do our part and enjoy.

and still travel to the area, as well as well reviewed visiting providers.  Like Ms. Mocha, I have found most of my reviews which have taken place in Maine are from out of town gents.  Maybe you need to broaden your search, if you are specifically looking in the 207 area code.  I no longer have a 207 area code but do have reviews which would be under my old number.

It has also been only recently that I found Maine men actually on TER.  At least that has been my experience.  In the past it was rare for me to even post for Portland, etc. on TER.

Perhaps my point is that the reviews in Maine, are few and far between compared to the number of ads that are on say, a backpage type of place.  On any given day, look up phone numbers from those ads on TER, and your hit is like 1 out of 20, maybe even 1 out of 30 or so.  I know there are the false ads that make that ratio hard, but that's what I'm trying for.. some mechanism to weed the real from the false, and reviews can serve as such.  And true, ads aren't always 207 area code, so it's not necessarily a 'maine' problem.. just that the number of reviews against the number of ads is such a small margin!

Yes there are reviews for providers in Maine, whether normally here or sometimes here, but maybe I'm a variety or fresher kind of guy instead of same ol' same ol', no harm meant by that by the way I do have my favorite provider that's here all the time and will keep seeing her!

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It doesn't really surprise me that you find more Maine provider ads on backpage than reviews on TER. A lot of the postings on Backpage are scams, and that's not specific to any one area or city.

Of the few that are legit, many are posted by (or more likely, on behalf of) the same half dozen or so ethnic girls working out of the sleazier hotels in Westbrook (just west of Portland). They are consistently the ads with headlines like

"*¨¨* HoUr-gLaSs •*¨¨*•BEAUTY •*¨¨*• WiTH •*¨¨*• AN •*¨¨*• AMAZiNG•*¨¨*• BOOTY •*¨¨*"

That's an actual headline, by the way. I don't even read them anymore because its obvious who has posted them. And, having heard a number of stories about unsafe practices, horrible hygiene and problems with pimps (who are usually lurking in the room next door waiting to rob you) its not something I want to mess around with.

But even for the girls working in slightly better conditions, there just is not much to choose from. Many are haggard, overweight or less than average looking. If there was a girl with a "6" face/body who offered "10" service, I'd consider it. But why bother when the reviews consistently read as 5, 6 or 7?

On top of that, you have to weigh the risk vs. reward. Seems like the last couple of years have been filled with stories about providers being busted (e.g. as I believe Cinnamon's Sweets was last year), revealing client info on social networking sites (its happened, I've seen it first-hand) or even filming clients without their knowledge, as a provider in the Wells/Biddeford area is alleged to have done.

I occasionally stumble upon ads for girls in Auburn, Augusta or Bangor where the quality seems slightly better, but if I'm going to get in my car on hop on the highway, I might as well drive down to Boston or up to Montreal where the selection and quality is a million times better? And in Montreal, you have the added bonus of prices being fairly low (though not as fantastically low as they used to be) and fairly relaxed laws.

Yes.. the scams in Westbrook have me wondering which head I'm thinking with since I can say it's been three times same place same scam.. so no more in that place!   I will actually be dropping off my girlfriend at Logan on the 13th and guess while I'm there and she's in the air, what better time to play.. although it's like a 6 am drop off so need to find an early bird or two!  Boston and reviews does sound better than Westbrook and bait and switch by a long shot!

I agree. A review helps ease the nerves and maybe points you in the right direction...of course, YMMV!  I review every time and am not likely to call a number that hasn't been reviewed no matter how tempting it looks. So please guys, of you're seeing a provider in Maine, let us know how it went. While details are nice, even just indicating that you would or would not repeat is helpful.

Yes!  I think that's exactly what I'm hoping for.. more reviews, even if it's just a nod yes or no!

I agree w/ Mr Ripley about the westbrook ripoffs as well. I think that's why there's less reviews on here vs ads on backpage. The reviewed providers on here are where you want to go to feel safe in the Maine area or you see in the ad boards who's visiting & go see them if their reviews interest you. Going to unknowns, such as the ladies in Augusta who are on BP often or like jessie/jasmine in the l/a area could be risky and/or a waste of time/money that the man who goes can't get back & would be better spent on a reviewed provider that they know will give them what they're looking for without any bs or drama. Now, does that mean new girls on BP should be ignored/overlooked? No, but they should be approached w/ more caution & discretion than say someone like Brooklyn or Skylar who've been in the area as providers for a while & are well known. It is a risk/reward balance that needs to be considered carefully & hopefully using the head north of the waist instead of the one down south.:)

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