I can't define what is pornography.
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"But I know it when I see it"

Just curious, as this topic came up last week between a client & I and I am still unclear how & why I feel how I do.
I have been mulling over doing a video, or teaser videos but for fetish only- no "porn".
A client of mine is in several of my fetish pictures on my website and so I told him next time he is doing a video, I want to come to the set if allowed.
I want to see how the video process really works-OK-and see how I look on video-lol!!.
My guy was shocked that I would consider this and has me thinking am I not clear on how fetish is viewed?
If a fetish video does not have a "release" scene, is it porn, if no what is it-just a video??

If you look at the definition of porn I think your question will be answered.

Posted By: jmdamd
If you look at the definition of porn I think your question will be answered.

Lots of definitions all over the net... and I'm sure different dictionaries have different wording but who cares about that.
If I needed a literal answer with no feeling behind it, I would have googled it!
I want to hear the view of the differences in "traditional sex porn" and fetish porn in open minded people as found on a board such as this.
Perhaps, I should have worded it do vanilla boys find fetish videos porn?

About it to much. Just to many definitions of porn. To many opinions of it as well. I like a great deal of it myself, and have a vast locked cabinet of home made porn at home.
I know I would enjoy any video that you may decide on. I may even have a few suggestions, or have some time to direct.

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Since you are questioning if a video with out a release could be porn I guess that would mean that a tease and denial video scene with you as Dom with a sub could not be porn as the denial part means no release....

I think I would like to check this out with Mistress Brenda Boobies...

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