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Ladies who do that are not thinking about their lives, others lives and what they are risking. That is very risky behavior and NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Ladies, how many times have you had a guy try the ole slip and slide with the condom? Do you immediately end the session or do you provide a warning, or just beat his ass to a pulp?

Guys, besides having a death wish, why would you even try something like this?

The topic is being discussed in depth more and more and I'm surprised to find the number of ladies that are doing BBFS. Of course no one admits to it, but when confronted they will offer it because "you're special" not meaning me in particular. I'm equally surprised by the number of guys who have tried to remove the condom in the heat of the moment and reinsert.

Would having a heavy duty staple gun present during the session reduce the accidental "slip"?

What are your thoughts?

This is just a risk of the biz that we as providers have to take. Guys will always be guys and try to push the envelope. I can't tell you how many guys have asked me for bbfs. The face I give them is priceless. Since safety and discretion are top priorities I am surprised people would do bbfs. As for the ladies that are offering it I can't speak for them but I can speak for myself. I have never done that and sure don't plan in implementing it anytime soon!!
The cover has come off accidentally before but I have caught that right away:)

Good Luck and Stay safe!!

excuse my ghetto language but I don't give a damn if I've seen you once or 100 times the reality of it is there is not amount of time, trust, money, or Passion I may have giving up my life for a risk.... especially at 20. like my old Fav saying goes to gentleman who push the envelope, "just wanna see", we've know each other so long....., it if they're that idiotic assholes that they pull a "mis slip".....is very simple there is no amount of money, time. or passion you can put on death.....

if you hobby/provide if see one you've seen them all..our whole community is based off the safety & responsibility of us all protecting ourselves.

to me that's the highest disregard, inhumane, & disrespectful act/request you could do in this business....

you know they ask everybody they see. And they probably get some bbfs at times. Wouldn't you want to know before the date?

Kissing and bbbj are low risk but still a risk - a much higher risk if the guy is getting bbfs.

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LMAO...LMAO...Regardless if it's a one night stand,booty call or being paid to play. Times are dangerous and I value my life to a fault!! Need I say more..I wont say his name but there is a gent who is associated with a league of executives,,,umh,umh. That is well known for dolling out big ($$$$) for that GFE....No Thanks-! Pardon me folks I need to scrub that thought ...out of my memory chip. LMAO...LMAO..

Two thumbs down.

Those characters are looking for a death wish.  Nothing stimulating or fun about that. This hobby is dangerous, a little slip and slip only adds more dangerous risk to it.

Ladies who do that are not thinking about their lives, others lives and what they are risking. That is very risky behavior and NOT ACCEPTABLE!

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