New England

Looking for some company in Southern NH seacoast area...regular_smile
sb1978 15 Reviews 1667 reads

I'm in Southern NH not far from Portsmouth, NH or Portland ME and could use some suggestions.  Anyone out there help!?!?!?

katadin2241 reads

Chloe Harper.....vipprovider.....$$$$..... very adventurous...going to be in Portland..offering discount
Grace Shepherd.......adventurous too
Expect screening

Mya is in that area.  She can be tough to get a hold of, though.

eros-boston (search for portland me or wherever is closest to you in NH), there are sure to be ladies there or visiting soon you can meet with but as the the alias user above mentioned expect some kind of screening. :). Ahhh Portland can't wait to return in July.


If you're looking for an outcall, we travel to that area.

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