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It seems that there are quite a few visiting/touring providers posting ads and I must confess that I'm surprised to see that the reviews indicate No DFK, no DATY and no MSOG.

These are deal breakers for me---regardless of how hot these women might appear to be.

Is it just me?

You have to look at the reviews to discover that they aren't GFE

take the time to read the reviews. Nobody to blame but their own laziness.

a deal break!  As noted in another post no BBBJ would be a deal breaker as well.

No DFK, and no BBBJ are the only ones I have to have.  If they are not on the menu, I move on.  While I love to DATY, if she doesn't want it, no biggie, but I have yet to meet a lady that didn't allow it.  MSOG, no biggie either becaue I'm usually a one and done guy anyway, but it's always fun trying for number 2.


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