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In addition to seeing well-reviewed providers, get to know who their reviewers are and find the ones with really good experience.  Then PM them for guidance.  There's a lot of YMMV info that does not show up in reviews.

How does a man restore his faith in this after a session that doesn't go well.especially when the cost was so severe. I find myself very Leary and defensive about doing anymore bookings. My trust has taken a big hit. Any advice would be a help and kindly appreciated. Thanx everyone ...a dissapointed hobbyist

From your reviews, it looks like you found a very nice gal recently, go back and see her.

In any case, be sure you always do your research and see only well reviewed gals.

Take heart in knowing that the vast majority of hobbists who stick to well reviewed gals are very satisfied with their results.

Consider the two alternatives that you face as well:  There is abstinence (shudder), and civie sex.  With civies you'll end up paying at least as much if not more, expose yourself to more complications, and you won't have the benefit of reviews upon which to make your choice.

On the other hand, maybe taking a hiatus is in order too.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

Mister fisher you are absolutely right everything you said I appreciate your offered wisdom. the only thing I would add is after all the homework is done pleasantries have been exchanged and all the protocols followed properly. to me it seems to be a roll of the dice no matter what you do. and in the end you're hoping 1 of those phenomenal reviews is 1 you will have written. I guess this is the thought of a disappointed man.

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Just curuious, as I have returned to the hobby, what happened specifically that was the deal breaker?

sorry to hear anyway

I guess I'd say pick yourself up and try again before calling it quits. I've had dissapointing sessions even from ATFs. Just try to pick a good lady next time or one of your favs and go see them. I'm sure a great session will lift your spirits again.

Also, I generally don't do long sessions with someone I haven't seen before. I like to preview the service first and make sure that the chemistry is right between us.

Good luck and I hope you have better sessions in the future.

Thank you this is  1 very valuable lesson I've just learned. I think I need to ask a few seasoned veterans for some recommendations as part of my future homework lol

In addition to seeing well-reviewed providers, get to know who their reviewers are and find the ones with really good experience.  Then PM them for guidance.  There's a lot of YMMV info that does not show up in reviews.

That's an excellent idea thank you very much

Do the research up front.  Don't be shy about reaching out to reviewers who have been with the provider you are considering.  I get PMs all the time and am happy to respond.  I also feel somewhat more free to be candid since my response isn't public.  

I've spent $1k on 1 hour sessions with providers and been dissapointed (thinking damn...I could have gotten a new iPad instead of waste my time on  It's always a little like gambling.  Hang in there, you'll hit it big on a table....and then the good news is you get to keep going back to the same table if you want ;-)

Sorry to hear about the experience. Thank you for sharing it in a review though. Takes some guts to post an honest review like that. Hope it works out for next time. For what it's worth, I would always take a test drive before keeping it overnight.  :-). All the best.

Thanks for the advice and support everyone !!! I hope my next appointment will go better .I don't know if it could  go any  worse .lol I think I need a visit an old friend to restore my faith and smile again just as soon as her vacations over..I wish everyone the best and hope all your experiences go great !!!!excel

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This chicanery has gone on long enough...

The review you posted of our date is completely false and distorted. You are a LIAR.

You have some sort of personal vendetta against me and a massive chip on your shoulder because I didn't perform a multitude of anal sex tricks while with you.

I won't even go into detail about all the other BS in that review that's false.  Let's cut right to the anal part; because I know, (& it's obvious in the review,)  that this is the root of the problem.

You sent me a PM on P411 almost a month after our date asking why I hadn't allowed Greek. You claimed to have put an extra donation in the envelope.  I was totally in shock, as I had no idea what you were talking about.

When we were together, you never asked me directly for Greek. Ever. You asked me if I ever offered it to my clients and my response was that yes, I did, as long as I knew beforehand and had time to prepare physically. But, it was still at my discretion. (All this info is on my web site, too, under VIP apts.)

So, in response to your P411 PM, I told you that A) I had no idea what you were talking about B) I was really sorry if there had been some sort of miscommunication and I would refund/reimburse you that very evening to make things right C) Greek would not have been an option for us anyway as we weren't physically compatible.

I would never want someone to feel slighted by a session with me and explained this to you.

Also, I explained to you that I had not counted the envelope. I glanced into it, but that was all. (Yes, I know that was silly of me. :( )

After offering you a refund of some sort and apologizing, your response to me was that A) no refund was necessary B) maybe we could communicate better next time, as you are fairly new to the hobby & not very forward in communicating your interests C) you wanted me to contact you the next time I would be headed to Boston, as you wanted ANOTHER overnight date w/me D) that you thoroughly enjoyed your time with me & looked forward to seeing me again.

That was the last I heard from you....Until your lovely review popped up here on TER.  Again, I was flat !@$&*# shocked.

Then, almost 3 months after our date, you start a thread on the New England board drawing attention to this review. Is it a coincidence that this is all happening RIGHT before my last tour of New England?

Is it also a coincidence that I am now receiving horrible texts & phone calls, either blocked or from your state of residence?

You are absolutely ridiculous and mind numbingly delusional. Please try to find some happiness and possibly some medication.

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...but I'd have to take the ladies side here. This is a well respected and reviewed lady. When I first read the review, it was a head scratcher. This a lady with an extensive resumee vs a hobbiest with a couple of reviews. It just didn't add up. Funny how when another side of the story is heard, things make alot more since. I don't think I was alone in thinking Excell1's review was a little off.

The only regret I have was starting this post .I am nothing like I've been made out to be .and this is nothing more than damage control.irregaurdless  I stand by my review .

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