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Yes, our reviews are a fantasy between two or more people, but  do they help you make an executive decision if you read them, or do you go by what someone else has said, good bad or indifferent ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I will read the reviews of a lady I may consider seeing. I don't sit and read every review that gets posted on everyone. Although I know that I can't believe everything that is written in a review, I'll take into consideration the reviewers history, especially if he has reviewed other ladies that I have seen. There are certain things that are important to me that I can find in reviews that I may not be able to find in other places.

Look at ratings - Read a few- check low ratings sometimes there will be say a lot of 9 then a 7 but read review and actual review is more positive than the number

I have found that reading the reviews is very helpful in making the choice of who I will see.   I've also had ladies tell me that they have read reviews that I have written and that helps them to know what I like and has allowed them to prepare for the session.

I also read the reviews of the gentlemen I'm going to be seeing. It helps me out as to what his likes and dislikes are.
Great reply, thanks

When making a final choice they are so helpful. At times they are very exciting, damn hot.

Reviews are the reason I'm here. First and foremost, the reviews help me seperate the safe girls from the hi risk girls. Without reviews it's a total crapshoot. I'd have to crawl back under my rock and learn to live w/o bj's, 69, rcg, etc. Boy that sounds depressing!
I don't read them word for word with my pecker in hand. I basically look for consistantly higher rated girls first and then look to see if I recognize any reviewers that are reputable so that I can cross reference and compare their reviews and see how they measure up against other girls that I know. Who the review was written by is just as important as the review itself.

What is look for is what services seem to be offered.  I know the YMMV and a lot of what is provided depends on how well you and the lady get along.  I also look at who wrote the review....  Is it someone I know?  Have they saw ladies I know and was their experience similar to mine?  All of these will help me classify the reviews and know if I can expect a similar experience..  There are several gentlemen her who write reviews that if they have visited the lady and had fun I know my experience will be wonderful.  

So yes reviews do mean something to me.

I read the reviews like a detective.searching for the truth and uncover as many clues to make sure I will have a good time.

I follow what some beleive is TER's #1 rule. Only see providers who have great reviews from established reviewers.

I am still amazed how some continue to see low rated providers after a few poor reviews. Either they don't read or the think their exceptional personality will overwelm the provider.

I don't go by 100% what the review always says because some of these men are wonderful writers straight out of a fantasy novel. Plus perception is everything during an appointment. I read other girls reviews as well that the gentlemen reviewed to see what they like.

I have also had many men quote a review someone wrote on me as in I like that or I cant believe he did that. LOL kind of funny and cute!

I think its totally hot!!!


When I look to play I definitely read reviews. Thats how I make my decision who to see. Of course, haven't played recently.

I'm curious why someone would give a lady who normally gets 8's or 9's a low score. Usually I find the writer, in his written comments, supports others' high scores, allthough the number they gave was low. Once in awhile you run across a low score where the reviewer is a real loser. Take the guy who gave Alyssa Day a 6. You just have to shake your head and sympathize.

Reviews are what I, and most other guys, use to determine whether or not to visit a particular provider.  My basic rule is if she has no reviews, I do not see her.  How else would we know if she is legit or not, not to mention, what is on her menu.  Many of us have deal-breakers, and the reviews are the only way to find out if certain services are available.  Sometimes, we also PM the reviewer to find out additional info, if there is any.


is comments on things unrelated to all the normal acronyms in the reviews. Was there a shared shower? How did they spend their downtime? Any interesting topics discussed?

If I'm looking at a lady's reviews, it means I've already found her visually attractive. After reading what she has written about herself on her site, reviews will be the final determiner.  I'll go back a few pages worth, reading the lower ranked reviews first. 10/10 reviews don't sway me. If I find enough info that makes her stand out, I'll usually make contact if I think there is potential for traveling schedules to align.

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Of course we read reviews on working girls.

At best, the reviews provide great information on a working girl's attitude, skills, menu, and performance.

At worst, the reviews are as entertaining as a fictional Harlequin romance novel, but with much more exaggerated performances by the males.

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Yes, our reviews are a fantasy between two or more people, but  do they help you make an executive decision if you read them, or do you go by what someone else has said, good bad or indifferent ?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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I do read them, and throughly, any additional insight is helpful.

I think it is like interviewing someone for a job.......you have data, talk to them in person......and according to statistics......it is still a crapshoot.

You make the best decision you can with what you have.


.....sure they can be helpful to see how a session might go and does the lady provide the things that I may be looking for.......personally, I don't concentrate on the numbers but what is written and is it consistent and yes a lady can have a bad day or not hit it off with a client and that would not deter me, it happens.  Do I need reviews though, the answer is no.....one of the best experiences I have had, was a young lady on date-check who doesn't want reviews due to the fact she has a real job and only does this part time.  

Bottom line, reviews.....can take 'em or leave 'em......

some just to laugh at a poor excuse for a provider. I find no fantasy just reported findings.  Sometimes a false report that I will call out if I have knowledge.

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