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Saw this question on other boards and thought it might be fun.  In the movies, you always see guys requesting all sorts of role plays, school girl, secratery, spoiled housewife, nurse, etc.  

I was first wondering how often those requests really happen or is most of it just fiction.  I have always wanted to do more, but never seen to get up the nerve to ask for it.

Second, and the fun part, would love to hear about some of your most unique situations and perhaps a favorite.   Who knows, perhaps we migh inspire each other.  Let's see what kind of creativity ther is out there.  My most memorable had me pretending to pick up might date in the hotel bar.  She blew me off, but then folled me into the elevator.  When there, discovered she was wearing a trench coat and only a black body stocking underneath it.  Proceeded to put on a number of shows (shower and toy) in the room before I got to play.  Lots of fun.

I cant pick just one! I like to be the bitchy boss making my employee do whatever I command because he doesnt want to lose his job.

lies Heaven.

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Tabu of Hollywood

So many of them but those get me off good!!! :)

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