I'd prefer email only because...
MermaidJade See my TER Reviews 569 reads

I'm not always able to get my to my messages quickly with no computer access off this site.

When you email me give me your handle off this site also.

Hope this helps, MJ

Frequantflyer741 reads

Wondering which is the best way to get a response when a number isn't listed.

But I always suggest sending in your reservation via my website. Once you've been verified I then give out my private number.
When I put my number on the profile here I would get calls all through the late night.  

I would like both an e-mail with info about you and the dates you are interested in meeting and also a PM from here so I know if there is some TER info that might be valuable in getting to know you.

Kisses Haley

...despite what is looks likes, we are not always available on PM on TER....Although Pm serves a wonderful purpose for initial introductions, and more thorough, detailed conversation is always best live ....

Email or text or voicemail are always best in my opinion....

Old school...Mr. Telephone Man...

I don't list a phone number because I prefer that initial contact be in writing (once screening has been completed, I love a get-acquainted phone chat!).  the answer to YOUR question is easy:  either!  I set my pm'd so that I receive an email notification of new messages.  my email clicks in on my iPhone.  unless I'm "otherwise occupied", I can usually be readily reached.

I am sure that most ladies have a hobby phone and personal phone.  I know that when I am with family, friends or just enjoying my personal life that my work phone is not with me.  Therefore, a gent can generally get a much quicker response from me if they email me-which I can retrieve on my personal phone.  However I am aware that alot of times the gents would prefer to call the lady, hear the voice & see if there is some chemistry over the phone.  I don't have any issues with 1st contact phone calls as long as nothing inappropriate is asked. However, I have noticed alot of middle of the night calls.  Trust me...if a gent calls me in the middle of the night he is immediately put on my personal DNS list---especially when it is clearly noted my hrs. to accept calls or texts....

Normally it is very hard for me to retrieve pm's on my cell, so that is my last method of contact.

My preference...
email....phone....ter is all good with me and completely up to the gent.

I would suggest reading the ladies website that interest you first.  I am sure you can gain a lot of knowledge and preferences about the lady that way.


are contacting me and some repeatedly through PM although I think I make it clear that all screening is done through my assistant-through my website in my ads.

If somebody is just sending a friendly note ONCE in a blue moon-no problem-but when the PM comes directly from an ad-and starts giving me screening info-I feel a bit put off- I do not get involved in my screening so the only thing I can do is repeat what the ad says-which is to go through my website.

I also do not take provider references so pm's with "Just check out my 20 whitelists" means nothing to me and I find them disrespectful.

My assistant and I have adjusted a bit to the differences in Florida and New York but I do think regardless of what state, a ladies stated requirements should be respected. There is a guy who has now contacted me three times-all 3 times I have very nicely directed him to my site-not sure why he cannot understand this simple process-maybe I am missing something-lol

Since I do not have a phone number ...  If you'd like to send me a email
first and see if I am free before filling out my online form or sending me a email
with the same information for my screening and verifiaction  thats great..  :)

Ms Kara

I'm not always able to get my to my messages quickly with no computer access off this site.

When you email me give me your handle off this site also.

Hope this helps, MJ

Please don't forget to include your references :)

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