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I love ya, Tash, but don't dare Kobe to do anything. (eom)teeth_smile
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Damn, you couldn't ask for more exciting basketball, no matter who your allegiances are to.

One can only hope it stays this tight.

Especially considering LeBron has more game winning shots than the person that people say is "the best player in the league."

Tasha your wrong about Kobe. He has many more game winning shots than Lebron. I will admit they are the top 2 players in the league.

Not buying the stats. I'll still take Kobe over LeBron for a last second shot. The stats do not include playoffs where Kobe has excelled. But the King is about ready to take the throne from Kobe

You just didn't scroll down far enough.  And I'd take LeBron over Kobe ANY DAY for a game winning shot.  I said that long before last nights shot as well.  They do need to update the playoff shots though since LeBron hit one last night to untie his and Kobe's record.  ;)

Don't be upset that LeBron has more skill LOL.  j/k  But seriously Kobe spent how many years getting recognized??  The years LeBron has been excelling are the years Kobe was sitting on the bench.  LeBron has 7 less years experience than Kobe and is already showing he has more talent.  Imagine him in 7 yrs when he has AS MUCH experience as Kobe does now.  WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEE.

 You have to understand the circumstances. When Kobe came to the Lakers he had to sit the bench because the Lakers had established players at his position. By the end of the season people in the league knew Kobe had game. FYI in high school he was scrimaging against the 76ers and was kickin Jerry Stackhouse's butt
When you are the number 1 overall pick you are going to play. Cleveland had nobody. Plus Kobe did not have Nike marketing him like they did Lebron.   That's why everybody knows Lebron . Nike gave him a 90 million dollar deal before he played his first game

Skill wise Lebron is a better passer and rebounder than Kobe.  But Kobe is a much better shooter than LeBron and both guys can score at will

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Do you think David Stern has a hard on? Looks like both series will go 7 games.

Amazing!!  Now that is a winner.  Seriously, and people think Kobe could have done that??  Not a chance in this world.  Kobe is good, but nothing like that.  :D  WOOOHOOOO.

Great finish to say the least no matter who you're pulling for!
Now if we could only get Varajao to shave his head and stop flopping around on the court like a fish out of water every time somebody looks at him cross eyed! He irritates the shit outta me! LOL!

I live in Cleveland and baby let me tell you....when they gave up that 23 point lead I felt like I had myself a stiff drink instead....WHEN LEBRON HIT THAT SHOT MY ENTIRE STREET WENT NUTS. My son he is 7 and knew what was going on....we went to screaming, all my neighbors were yelling....people were on their porches jumping around.....

I swear the Cavs are going to give me a heart attack.

I am seeing it for the first time from your clip,
thanxs.  Thats the best last second shot since Duke V Kentucky...Mashburn should know about that

Truly amazing!!  I couldn't believe it.  He threw his arms down like "oh that's not going."  And then it did, ALL NET!!  Amazing.

Thanks for bringing that up Wizard!!! LOL! I change the channel every time I see the "low-light" of Grant Hill throwing the inbounds pass!
That was an amazing shot last night. Rest of the series should be very interesting.
By the way, if I'm not mistaken Mashburn fouled out of the Ky/Duke game and watched that whole mess unfold from the bench.

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