Respect you--nursing is tough. Gotta be smart and have a good study group. EOM
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I met some great providers that have an enormous accumen of education and corporate experience, I am pursuing my master's degree and I am looking into a JD to increase my resume and business opportunities in the real world, How many of you girls hold a degree and what was you major? What did you intend to do with it before you got into this wonderful world?

...and a B.S. in Business Administration. I worked in my profession for 15 years prior to deciding to take some time off and enjoy myself & meet new people. In South Florida, there is a particular overabundance of my profession and many unhappy people working many hours for little pay. Before that happened to me, while I was still young enough and fun enough, I decided to take a break. It is wonderful to know that I always have something on which to fall back. My education is something that I can always use, it is always a benefit and they can never take that away from me.

I am a firm believer that it is not what you know, but who you know. Survivors will always be survivors. There are successful business people with no education and highly educated people with no work. It all depends upon the person. But if the opportunity presents itself, my vote is to go with education. It can't hurt (although it feels like it around finals...)

I think some ladies, myself included are a bit hesitant to get into too much detail as to the specific areas of practice such as financial, medical, legal, etc. on an open forum such as this. Feel free to email me or call and we can chat more. Best of luck!

can't prosper in the P4P arena all your life. Sure there a few that are still doing well at 50+ and one that I know of that is 60+ but neither of these ladies look their age. In fact, almost every provider I have ever seen look younger than their listed age range. Maybe it is the protein they consume.

Providers need to not only have a plan B for when it is time to give up this ocupation but also should be putting some $ away for retirement now while the income stream is flowing fast. Providers who live from one envelope to the next to pay their bills, buy more clothes, etc. without saving, are only kidding themselves.

I totally agree with you, in every arena of life, you should always have a plan B, C or D, in case plan A fails, and certainly education is the highway that will take you to any of those plans easily. Putting some money away whether it is on an a savings account or 401K is always a good way to ensure prosperity after retirement.

I have degrees in psychology and sociology, with a minor course of study in (ready for this?) Catholic theology.  my intention was to be a therapist.  I spent over 20 years in a professional sales and business development career, and now look...I'm a therapist!!  isn't it great how life works out?

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