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Re: Testosterone Therapy
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Many thanks, Schnitz.  Your post goes to the doc's office with me (disguised, of course).  i owe ya.

Testosterone therapy -- the real kind, prescribed by an M.D. -- is supposed to do for the libido what Viagra does for erectile dysfunction.

Does anyone have experience to share about hobbying before and after starting testosterone?  Do you get the itch more often?  Do you enjoy sex more?  Does it affect your ability to sustain a woody or ejaculate or do MSOG?

I am 63 years old. Complained to my Dr. that Viagra was not doing the trick. He did a blood test and determined that my free testosterone was slightly low and prescribed  androgel for my 'low libido'.
I have been taking it now for six months. In all honesty, I cannot say that it has had any effect on me , or my sexual performance   at all. I, on the other hand, do not want to give it up at the present. Even if it is only a placebo effect, I feel better about taking it. Can't put my finger on exactly why.
Two things that were, however, affected by T. therapy; my wallet got lighter ($347/mo.), and a shrinkage of my testicles. I was told that as you take testosterone your body will produce less, result in the shrinkage. (Mine are the size now of a large grape.). Sorry for the inconclusive answer to your question.

Please don't apologize; I learned a great deal from your post.  I had blood drawn this past week, and will see my doc in mid-October, and a number of things you cited wouldn't have been in my decision tree about starting.  (I'm a good deal older than you, by the way.)

One effect that you didn't cite but that you may have revealed is that you "feel better."  My internet research turned up a loss of energy and "manliness" as possible symptoms of low T.  Perhaps you've rebounded from those, even if you only perceive a different state of mind.

Thanks again for the helpful reply.

Don't just "take testosterone".  An infusion of external testosterone will "pump you up" for a very short time, then turn to estrogen which will have the opposite effect.

Have your doc prescribe you either Clomiphene or Human chorionic Gonadatrophin.  These compound meds help spur your body to make more of its own testosterone, and keep a constant level.  Each spurs the body in a different way, so start off with the Clomiphene, and if it doesn't help, move up to HcG.

And it works great for me!!!  :)

Many thanks, Schnitz.  Your post goes to the doc's office with me (disguised, of course).  i owe ya.

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IMHO, these are good albeit temporary alternatives. In "underground" circles, HCG has been used for quite a while to put your own production back on course after taking anabolics. My own experience is several years old, but the HCG did wonders in that regard. I've tried the gels and not found them too useful.

Perhaps the specialist to pursue these questions with is an endocronolgist?


Yes, maybe a urologist is in my future.  For now, the guys on this board -- including one who PM'd me with some really compelling information -- have been incredibly responsive and helpful.  Thanks.

I feel a little like Andy Grove who, when he was CEO of Intel, was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He had a fortune, so he sought out the very best medical advice.  He wound up with three different recommendations (external radiation, pinpoint radiation, surgery) from three eminent specialists, so he was back on his own to make a decision.  (His dilemma was the cover story for an issue of, senior moment, Fortune, Business Week, or Forbes; can't remember which.)

Anyway, thanks again for all your help.  I'll share what I learn and maybe save some time later for the rest of you.

If you go to a radiologist, you are very apt to get radiation as a cure.

While with a surgeon the knife is the cure.

Be sure to ask competing specialists how they would treat themselves.  It has often worked for me.

Good advice, and a good observation -- that's just what happened to Grove, although I don't remember if he asked your excellent follow-up question.

I'm surprised nobody on here has recommended just going to better-looking providers.

One should choose specialists/providers not by looks alone, but by skill sets.

I feel like I should offer a serious, alternate opinion.  I have been successfully using androgel for three years.  It was originally prescribed for hot flashes.  Yes, that can happen in post andro pause men.  I'm 64. It mostly eliminates that symptom and has other good effects.  I feel less grumpy and I sleep better.  I think I can better handle younger alpha male types too at work. They don't intimidate me.  

And it helps in the bedroom.  It's subtle but I am having excellent sex.  Before androgel I was having occasional difficulties.  I normally apply 7.5 mg a day.  Before planned sex I will double the dose to 15 mg.  It hits in about two hours and lingers for 6 to 8.  Normal maximum dose is 10 mg but I do not feel any adverse side effects with an occasional extra hit.

My balls are still their previous size.  I think that is an erroneous myth.  That happens with real steroid injections but the androgel hasn't caused a problem, at least with me.  

My insurance covers a substantial portion of the cost (tier 2 non-generic category)but I had to get a prior authorization.  Pretty soon I am going to have to see if Medicare Part D covers it.  I bet it does.  I think androgel is as much as a senior secret weapon as are the v/l/c drugs.  (That is a whole other discussion - they're good too. I have no idea why young guys take them though.)

I did do a little trial with testosterone shots.  They were very good for two days but wore off quickly.  I once walked into a strip club at 24 hours and had an instant erection.  So that proved that testosterone supplements (male hormone replacement therapy)work and the gels are a good way to get them into your system.  

I do have some long range concerns.  Androgel has been out for ten years and only widely used for five.  There may be something down stream that may cause a problem.  But still I would urge an honest conversation with a good physician if you think you might need help.  All my care has come through my PCP who has been very supportive concerning what I tell him is "sex after 60."

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I was going to post about this too. The patch seems to do the trick
for alot of men , the gel penetrates the skin and seems to be more chosen
in some men who have ED. The client stated that he had no side effects
but one should always have a  complete physical before using any hormone
therapy. What was good about the patch is it lasts only as long as a man needs
it to last.  

I have been using Androgel fr three years. In my case I had an endoluminal graft to repair an aortic dissection four years ago. The graft had a side effect: my thyroid levels dropped very low. That in turn caused my testosterone to drop very low. I take a full 10 mg. a day. It doesn't just affect sexuality - it affects overall energy and vitality, confidence and assertiveness. When I am planning to have sex I will take 10 mg. every 12 hours starting about 36 or so hours before my encounter.

There is a risk with any testosterone supplement that you need to know abut. They can trigger prostate cancer. So you should get your prostate checked every six months or so if you do start to take Androgel or other T.

(You might be lucky and go to a clinic where there is a attractive brunette nurse with a nice pair of full, round breasts who has been trained to do the prostate exams. That way when you lower your pants and bend over while she slides her finger to examine you, you can fantasize all sorts of scenes and the exam will seem to take no time at all.

At least, that is how it works for me at my clinic when the prostate nurse does my exams.)

Here's the link to the Grove story


I just smeared my first little tube of Testim 1% on my shoulders and arms.  I guess it's a newer version of Androgel.  Anyway, I start getting shots later.

Protect your women.  I can't be responsible any more.

Women should avoid contact with the unwashed or unclothed area where Testim has been applied.

Other serious side effects include the following:

   If you already have enlargement of your prostate gland, your signs and symptoms can get worse while using Testim
   Possible increased risk of prostate cancer
   In large doses, Testim may lower your sperm count
   Swelling of your ankles, feet, or body, with or without heart failure. This may cause serious problems for people who have heart, kidney, or liver disease
   Enlarged or painful breasts
   Having problems breathing while you sleep (sleep apnea)
   Blood clots in the legs. This can include pain, swelling, or redness of your legs

I've read in multiple places (sorry -- no time right now to pull them up) that testosterone replacement therapy should only be prescribed for guys with medical conditions that inhibit production of natural testosterone:  testicular or prostate cancer being two.  Regardless, I would definitely seek competent medical consultation first.  For me (57), sleep and laying off alcohol before a session works far better than any pills and are a heck of a lot safer.

As some posts have noted, I don't think hormone therapy is like viagra, to be used as a recreational drug.

But if you have a medical condition like I did, it makes all the difference in the world. It's basically because of testosterone therapy that I am hobbying. All of a sudden I have not just the inclination, but the drive and wherewithal to do something about it.

It took more than a decade to bring some serious health problems under control and to get some semblance of vitality back. The hormone therapy has been the final boost that has brought me more than I could have hoped for. With the right provider I am able to go a couple times in a 90 minute session. Not a big deal if you believe a lot of the studs on the other boards, but it's a huge accomplishment for me (and I definitely wouldn't be bringing it up anywhere but on this board).

Have your Doc run some blood tests, and if your count is low, it might be worth a try.

Thanks for the feedback, RR.  I'm in the same boat you were in: recovering from some stuff including long-standing ED (viagra cured) and a triple cabbage (heart bypass).  My testosterone is 213 -- I've never had it measured before -- so there's hope I'll get the same results you did.

I can't tell you guys how much research helps to "fix" the manhood. The first step is to understand your body. Figure out the causes of your ailment and change those things. Don't fix the symptoms ie you have low testosterone.. so take some more and filler up! Attack the cause that's where the research comes in!

Personally I have found diet and exercise are wonderful. Diet is very complex and is the key to revitalizing many ailments. I have gone vegan, Low fat, and medium carb. I supplement my diet with naturally occurring amino acids, enzymes and other vitamins that help your natural bodily functions do their job.  As a result I have lost significant weight and have a lot of energy. It also turns out sex is getting better all the time! Also massage on a regular basis is good too. There is no quick fix to a long life of abuse only hard work.

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