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The #1 factor that led me to hobby was not receiving a bj for many years. So, it goes w/o say that I cherish every little lick and suck I receive. I just read another review that mentioned a bj with "lots of spit". I love a wet and sloppy bj, but I don't particularly like having the lady spit on my johnson. I did see 1 girl that literally did spit on me. I asked her afterwards about it and she thought that's what guys like. So, my question is do you guys like this? Am I in the minority on this one? How about you ladies? Do you like to spit on your meat while eating it? If so, do you do this to keep things wet, or do you do it because your client likes it that way?
I guess my vote is for no spitting at any time during a bj...not during or after. However if you have to spit, I prefer after not during.

..blow job, luv when a chic spits on my cock...it's the best lube, then jerks it a bit & back to sucking & washing my balls w/her mouth, & then back to sucking....ect...etc...etc...lol....


I always tell a provider to spit on my cock when sucking Little Jimmy......

My vote goes FOR Spitting...I'm FOR a Pro-Cock Spitting Provider! Let's hear it for the Cock Spitters!


Doesn't "turn me on".  If a chick needs to do it for lube, that's fine but if she asked me if I wanted her too, I'd say no.

I dated a girl for a few months a couple years back that knew how to work a dick, boy lemme tell ya.  Civvie world.  But she'd sit on my thighs facing me and just jerk and suck me all day long.  Every few minutes she'd put a little more lube on her hand (KY or something)....man I miss her doing that!!!

and think this is pretty natural. Are digestive system starts with the oral liquid or spit that forms without our control. Some people have less while others more but you either swallow, swish or smother what your sucking with it.

Have you ever had a dry blow job ? Somehow I don't think it's as erotic as lots of natural lubricant. I have had men ask me to actually spit on their cock and did oblige but it wasn't a turn-on for me. I like wet and some slurp but not spitting.

Kisses Haley

I like a sloppy wet BJ (and HJ combo if it's a long one).  Who'd have thought it would be me?  LOL!!!  :D

Just the right amount, add in the sexy look of your eyes and your soft touch, not to mention your words of encouragement. Incredible, Happy Easter!!

And that is makes each one special. Spit, no spit, just go with the flow. I prefer women who are like birds, especial the swollow.

and get really turned on by the spitting.  One of the best I have had was from a now-retired provider that literally drooled and licked my cock until I begged to cum.

Frank Sinatra is the name of the game....

...female artist to convey your analogy, lol.

Posted By: Crazy Diamond
Frank Sinatra is the name of the game....

Not gay at all.  Look at the initials... Billy Joel... BJ.  Frank Sinatra... FS.  Get it?

Sorry, dude, not playing...

Not gay at all.  Look at the initials... Billy Joel... BJ.  Frank Sinatra... FS.  Get it?

Sorry, dude, not playing...

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