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This I've got to see, up close!

I recently had a date with a guy and somewhere along the way, he used his fingers. I am starting this topic because it took me by surprise and right back to my earliest memories of becoming aroused at the hands of a guy (pun intended). I remember steamy windows in cars...back seats, the smell of vinyl and sweat.

Fingers and hands, when used just right, can be an extreme turn-on for me. There is an art to it but each person has their own way of touching. I love being teased with fingers, especially when my clothes are still on. Fingers on my panties make me wet in anticipation. (am I allowed to write this stuff here?) Once they venture inside my panties, I crave them to fully explore my vulva. Fingers are also really good at setting me off, as they are more easily directed to the right spot and pressure than someone's head and tongue. Then I like just one or two to venture inside...

(I should mention here that I LOVE heads and tongues- so don't take that the wrong way!)

Of course, it is extremely important that all hands on deck are nice and clean. Dirty fingernails are a no-go.

What are your opinions on fingers? Yes, no, yucky, yummy?

When I "explode" with some of the best of my orgasms,
it is often while a man is finger fucking me
WHILE I have a pocket rocket on STRONG vibrate on my Clit.

I cum so hard from that, I am almost like "a fish out of water"!

About reading the paper, until I read your post ladies, now I am thinking about who I shall call so I can soak my fingers. Thanks, I hope I am up to the task at Hand.

I do not like it at all.

Yes- that double stimulation is amazing!

It's interesting how rarely men use their fingers. At least in my experience.

I USED to be kind of shy (Yes, that's what I said.)

Through time & experience,
I have learned that MOST men APPRECIATE
being told what pleases the woman they are with.

but only if they are freshly washed. I have this hand washing policy at my place. When I hear a guy scrubbing his hands in the bathroom at the start of our date I smile and think of all the special places I can't wait for his fingers to explore.
My very favorite is when he has been teasing my clit with his tongue and then slips a couple of fingers inside to take me over the edge.

I love nothing more than old fashioned foreplay and using my fingers to discover how wet my lover is and see how much wetter she can become.

Yes! There's just something tantalizing about all of it. And fingers bring forth so much. ;)

Of course, they have to engage politely- nothing worse than a bunch of big ole fingers shoving themselves at you before you're ready. They should tease a little before groping. . . .  No- groping is a bad choice of words. They should tease a little before seeking entry. :)

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I love nothing more than old fashioned foreplay and using my fingers to discover how wet my lover is and see how much wetter she can become.

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